Thank you very much for these resources, particularly in regard to the YouTube link to Kikopup’s channel. Jasper is doing exceptional with eye contact, and ringing the potty bell to go to the bathroom (we leave a weewee pad in a box for him to “go” there). I’d say it’s about 90 ish percent of the time accurate. We’ve had a 3 pee mistakes today, but I suspect it may have to be in part our fault for re-arranging things around the house (for extra puppy-proofing purposes). The teething stage is now now, but the intensity of his bite has certainly decreased, as we’ve been following the training videos quite religiously since his first day home. So far, ice cubes and frozen carrots seem to be quite a hit.
Jasper never ceases to amaze us, as he is extremely loving and highly intelligent. He is keen on his observational skills and learns fast. I notice that his baseline is easy-going, and it takes him a while to “warm up” to play. He tends to get crazy puppy zoomies time before bed, but is fairly consistent with wake and eat times… which is fantastic. Not only has he helped me get it together with sleep time… but he is certainly a great teacher for me.

I’ve been enjoying posts on the Facebook page, and enjoying the undying support from the AwesomeDoodle family. Sometimes puppy crazy time gets real cray cray, but I know it’s all part of the process. He needs to get all that energy out somehow! -Angelyn

Jasper is a handsome Red Merle male AussieDoodle. The white and red brown markings on his face and head are perfectly balanced. He has a generous white collar, legs and chest. His back and the sides of his body look like he’s wearing cozy brown sweater. Who can resist those eyes! We think he will look like Finley, only with deeper coloring. Congratulations to Angelyn for choosing this blue-eyed boy!

7 weeks old

6 weeks old