Tula is a London X Angus puppy. Pedro and his family waited a year for the perfect girl. They got their girl named Tula, and raised her with love. Many of our puppy owners keep contact with us after they get their puppy, but Pedro sent us updates about Tula monthly. At just a year old she was already a frizbee star, and she went everywhere with them. Tula was truly a member of the family.

In March of 2018, I had one of our dogs (Winnie) spayed, and my vet sent Winnie home with a “vet one”  “Clinic collar” cone e-collar on. The collar was unreasonably rigid and Winnie could not even see to walk. When Winnie walked, the collar kept hitting the ground, jamming into her neck and stopping her. It was particularly dangerous around door jams, the edge of the sidewalk, or anyplace where something protruded from the ground. Winnie simply could not see where she was walking. I took the collar off her and got her an inflatable “donut” type collar instead.

Coincidentally, a couple days later, one of our puppy owners, Pedro, called me to tell me their dog, Tula, was spayed a few days before. He told me that a few days after she came home, her cone collar, (also, the clinic collar) stuck in the ground when she was walking, jammed into her neck, and gave her a neck / throat injury. Pedro’s vet had sent her home with a “Vet one” brand, “clinic clear” collar.  A couple days later, Tula passed. Our prayers go to Pedro and his family. We are so sorry for the loss of little Tula.

The “Vet one” brand, “clinic clear” e-collar directly killed Pedro’s family member, Tula. It was so tragic and I cannot express how many tears were shed by Pedro, his Wife Monica, and their two sons, Samuel and Thomas.

We reached out to KVP International, makers of the vet one clinic clear collar. The VP of sales replied and claimed this has not happened before. They offered to send some kong toys to tula’s family. We declined the offer.

After a few days, I just couldn’t take it any longer. I called Pedro and told him about a new litter we had coming, and I wanted to give his family a puppy, at no cost to them. Of course, there was nothing I could have done to prevent this tragedy, and even though AwesomeDoodle was not at fault, I could not stand the thoughts of this family without their dog. While no puppy could replace Tula, my hopes were that it would bring his family some joy and a reason to look forward to the future with a new puppy. Pedro and his family accepted and were to grateful, and a month later, Wookie was born.

3 months after Tula passing, I delivered Wookie to his new family in Orlando, Florida. The smiles on their faces made it all worth it. Pedro and his family are so thankful for Wookie and I know he is going to have a great life. Thomas is hopeful that Tula is looking down on Wookie from puppy heaven, and cheering him on.

We are happy for Pedro and his family to start a new life with their new family member, Wookie.