Woody is a Apricot Tuxedo F1 AussieDoodle puppy.


Auna X Zorro F1 AussieDoodles

Estimated Size: 15-25lbs

Woody is doing great. The sleeping crate routine is our biggest success (maybe because Wendy had crates in their pen?)….Woody goes in on his own at night, doesn’t whine unless he needs to go outside, and even spends some time in the sleeping crate during the day….his choice. 

Woody is a special pup. We could not be more pleased.”
Woody is a great puppy and is doing SO well. He is just a small guy and weighed 5.8 lbs at his 12 week vet visit. He is getting taller and cuter every day, it seems :-)

He does great with “sit” and with “Woody come”. He is very good about his sleep crate and the crate in our living room, and he sleeps through the night in his sleep crate. Goes in by himself when it is time for bed. He also crates himself during the day quite often. 

He is SO comfortable with all people and with all dogs he has met  thus far. We have worked hard at socializing him and it has paid off. He is appropriately cautious, especially around big dogs, but is not afraid and ends up making friends with every single dog he has been around. He is also the star of his puppy class and is clearly the teachers pet. He has a great disposition and loves to play with other dogs. He is very confident, but loves to stay close to us.

He is a bit of a finicky eater, but LOVES chicken breast and chicken broth. we add a little of both to his food and of course he gets lots of training treats everyday. He does pretty good on the leash and loves to go for walks. Our goal has been to get him to be ok with the leash and not hate it. That has been successful and now we are working on hi “walking manners”…..he is such a good learner.

His potty training is going pretty well, and just yesterday he clearly asked to go out for the first time. I am sure he has asked before, but not in a way we picked up on, so it looks like he is figuring out how to talk to us.

I have to tell you, we are so smitten with this puppy. He is so affectionate (when he is not wild!) and we could not ask for a better roommate.”

Woody is a sable male aussiedoodle.  He has the perfect white markings – a little on his chin, chest and each paw.  He is going to be absolutely adorable.  We can’t wait to see how he grows and gets fluffy!  We think he will be the perfect combination of looks between Kevin and Tripp.  Congratulations to Mark and Melodi in Colorado.

7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


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