“We made it to Sydney’s new home in Michigan. She was an absolute angel! She stayed in the crate in her bed and only whimpered when she needed to potty. She explored her new digs for a bit, played fetch with one of her new toys, then went in her crate and fell asleep; it was a long and exciting day for her. 

I can’t thank all of you enough for this little blessing.  She’s so well trained already and we appreciate all of the training, socializing and love you showered her with. Please know that BG will be well-loved.”

We call her “Baby Gorilla!” because when she runs she looks like a little baby gorilla running. Morgan says she comes to that name when you say it.

Violet is a Black bicolor, tuxedo AussieDoodle. She has all black feet (no dirty paws) and only a little white on her chest. Violet is the smallest of the litter (but only by a few ounces) and we expect her to top out under 35lbs. Violet‘s personality is starting to shine. She and her twin sister, Shadow, like to stick together. At 6 weeks old, their personality is just now starting to come out. They are both fairly calm and submissive, and both love to be held and snuggled. She will lie in your lap as long as you are giving her affection. She is NOT SHY at all, but not overly rambunctious either. We expect her temperament to be very well balanced. Just like her daddy Ringo, Violet has a natural bobtail, and it is SUPER cute!  Violet got an A+ at her 6 week puppy check up. She also got her first round of vaccinations and first de-worming. Violet looks like he will have a low shedding, wavy coat. We expect her to be 30-35 lbs full grown, possibly closer to 30lbs.

Congrats to Sue N and her family!