Stevie is doing so great! We are already madly in love. Since the first night we brought her home, we started crate training. I’m proud to say last night she only woke up once to pee! She’s had very few accidents in the house and loves all the adventures we take her on. She is great at sitting and making eye contact. We take her with us a lot and get strangers to give her treats (which is not hard because everyone wants to pet her). We are working to get the biting under control by keeping her busy with toys. Puppy crazy time is no joke!!

We had our vet visit and she is in perfect health! We are taking her to our family’s home this weekend to meet their Australian shepherd. Star is a big puppy but I think she will do great. 
She is the sweetest, most magical dog. She learns fast and just wants to be with us all the time. We are in love. Thank you for bringing her up so well.”

Stevie is a Red sable merle with two different shades in her merle.  She will have pretty face colors as she matures.

Congrats to Cory and Charlotte. Stevie is going to have a great home.

7 weeks old


6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


9 days old


4 days old