Finley is quite the friendly, energetic, goofy pup. She loves going on adventures, but also loves to snuggle. She is the perfect travel companion and in 8 months has visited Yosemite National Park, Chicago, Park City, Wyoming and Massachusetts! She completed entry level puppy classes and the AKC Canine Good Citizen class. She must wait until she is 1 year old to take the official test. Finley loves to tag along on our trail runs, beach days and brewery visits. Finley is such a beautiful dog that when we are on walks people roll down their car windows to shout how pretty she is. Finley loves to play at dog parks and her best friend is Leo a 75lb Goldendoodle! Finley is around 38lbs and has started to get lighter as she gets older. – Lauren

Finley is a Blue Merle Female with lots of white on her chest, back of her neck, and feet.

Congrats to Lauren and Kevin on this beautiful girl.


7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old

4 weeks old


3 weeks old



2 weeks old


1 week old