We live in an area with hot summers, so i do keep him trimmed short, which he seems to like. His colors and eyes are striking.

Romie is beautiful, intelligent, well trained and just a blast to be with. He is crazy over any kind of game with a ball or frisbee (yes, he jumps and catches mid air). He is extremely social and friendly to all people and other animals. I spent significant time training Romie and it has paid off well. Romie and I walk extensively (average 6+ miles / day). Romie walks everywhere with me Off-Leash, even in areas of traffic. He is trained to not step foot in the street and he stops at corners without command, waiting on my release. – John

Romeo “Romie” is a red bi-color male AussieDoodle. He will look a lot like Brady when he grows. Congratulations to John and Santhi in California.

f1b doodle puppy

7 weeks old

f1b aussie doodle puppy

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old