Daffodil has been very busy!  She’s great in the car.  We went to the pet store.  I held her as we walked thru the store. Everyone stopped me to google at her.  She’s very comfortable around strangers.
She had her wellness check and gave the vet kisses thru the whole exam.  Vet asked permission to put her photo on their instagram page!
She’s had visitors come to the house.  She loved them all!
The trainer  came to the house for her first session.  It was more talk than actual training, setting goals.  We’ll start real training next week.
Shes quite the busybee, explores her surroundings.  I keep a close watch on her at all times as she is into everything.
She is ok in her crate at nighttime, wakes up whining, I put my fingers in the crate and most times she quiets and goes back to sleep.  Once each night she has been persistent with the whining so we took her outside to pee but she didn’t go.
We’ve started putting on her collar and walking her in our backyard on a leash.  She doesn’t seem to mind it at all.
Daffodil is just a joy.  Will cuddle for hours.  It’s obvious she feels right at home. OMG how we love her! – Nancy

Daffodil is a Red Merle female AussieDoodle. Chocolate brown markings add a beautiful contrast to her white paws, chest and muzzle. What a sweet girl. She will look like Quincy when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Nancy & John on choosing this little honey!


7 weeks old

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