“A few updates on Nest and what I’ve learned so far!

I have found Nest gets extra nippy or challenging when he’s just at the end of his energy expenditure, so I often give him a puzzle to complete and then he knocks out into a nap. I train right before each meal for optimal good/obedient behavior, and play with commands right after, or we go outside so he can sniff away. Nest looooooves his Propac puppy food so incentivizing him is easy peasy! Also, he goes crazy over the healthy cheese treats I give him in behavior coaching for distance and come calls (Answers Pet Food). Just look at how he hops gleefully into his crate 😂😂😂

He offers sits to everyone in the house now without treats, so slightly less jumping for attention which is great! He hates being away from us, of course, so I’m coaching him to enjoy being in his crate whenever I or other people are busy in the kitchen cooking and moving around. We’ve been spending more time outside and he goes crazy over leaves and twigs (not shown) and already has his favorite spot in our front lawn 😂😂.

We are housebreaking slowly as Awesomedooodle suggests and gradually extending his play and treat areas. We’ve had just a few accidents in places I knew we were going to, so I was prepared. I can say it’s going well so far! I really am getting to know his needs and his character more. More pics and videos (and probs less text) to come!” – Amara

Nest is a beautiful Phantom Blue Merle Male. The “phantom” means he has the big bold (non fading) copper that we only get from Humphrey puppies.  He will look like Rusty when he gets bigger but will have bolder colors in his face. Congratulations to Amarachi for this lil cutie pie!


7 weeks old

6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old