I can’t believe the pups are already 4 months old!  Luna’s favorite things:  hugs and kisses; hiking (first hike today, and she’s already acting like a pro); every single treat she’s ever tasted; chewing on my hair (haha); tug of war with Lexi; posing for the camera; and just life in general–she’ the happiest puppy.

She’s been socializing, meeting plenty of people and pups just by hanging out on the little front lawn–everyone who walks by says hi. I sometimes have people give her treats, especially if it’s someone new or unfamiliar (for example, a guy wearing a bicycle helmet); now, she’ll be meeting tons of people and pups on the trails.

She’s definitely a little smarty pants. She’s basically completely potty trained–now, rather than me taking her out regularly, she actually asks to go outside by whining at the door; I can’t even recall the last time she had an accident.  She has sit, down, look, stay, and come all nailed, including with distractions (so she will sit and stay even when Lexi is running around and out on the trail today). 

In case you can’t tell from my gushing in emails and on the ‘gram, I am completely in love with her.  She captured my heart.  It makes me tear up just writing about her because she’s just that special to me.  We have a deep and special bond already.  Every single person who has ever met her has commented on how incredible her temperament is.  I’ve also never seen such an affectionate dog before.  I don’t think I’ll ever have any dog other than an aussiedoodle (from AwesomeDoodle) for the rest of my life.- Kathryn

Luna is a female Black Tri AussieDoodle. Her beautiful face has copper markings, a strip of white on her head, and a white snout. She also has lots of white on her chest, belly, and legs. She is precious! We think she resembles Cocoa. Congratulations to Kathryn for choosing this adorable girl!

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