• We are all doing great here. Rufus is getting big! He is quite a character, and makes us laugh. Developing a great personality. We continue with our in-house trainer visits and he is doing really well. Between my husband and I, his good behaviors are being continually reinforced. We are both feeling Rufus is adapting to our daily life at home and RVing. We are moving slowly with it all, and allowing him to be a puppy, knowing it all takes time. He is sweet and loving. We are in love with him.

    I want you to know that his favorite toy is your yellow stuffed duck you sent in your care package. So cool!. He is getting socialized the most when we are on our RV travels and in our parks right now. We have been on a few short trips. He is adapting and behaving well at home, with company etc….No negative issues. He is very much a puppy and not an angel all the time and will test behaviors, but he is not making life difficult on us so far. We have no complaints. Our trainer is not afraid to give us corrections either. He watches us interact and catches us making mistakes. I like that! We are human and slack off, or miss great opportunities to reward etc. so we both welcome that.

    He is adorable and comical. His thing is to take any chew or bone, enjoy it for a short time…then go and bury it. Inside the house or out. He’ll check on them, sometimes take them to enjoy for a while and than bury and repeat. You made find them under a pillow, blanket, in a corner, under some clothes on the floor, or laundry, outside in a small hole, behind a bush. You see he is smart! We think one is gone now, so next day a new one comes along. He’ll bury that later. Before you know it?  He’ll have many. And he loves knowing where they are.  He dislikes being neat and tidy looking….he gets messy real quick! And I love it!!….

    Thank you for being there for us…we are having a great experience with everything AwesomeDoodle! Will contact you if needed, and send updates as life moves on. – Joanne

    Rufus is a Black Phantom male AussieDoodle. He has copper under his chin and the cute copper eyebrows. He also has a big splash of white on his chest. We think he will resemble Bradie when he grows up.

  • Size: We expect Annie X Rocket puppies to land in the 25-45 lb range, full grown. 

  • Congrats to Scott and his family on their AwesomeDoodle!

7 weeks old

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