Hello AwesomeDoodle fans!  We are thrilled to introduce the December 2015 AussieDoodle Spotlight.  Little Charley was picked by Courtney and Eric, in Chicago, IL.  When Charley was 5-6 weeks old, we had a feeling she was going to be a special dog.  She was a little more quiet then the rest of the dogs, and she had a great attention span.  RedMerleMiniAussieDoodleToy

Just four months later, little Charley is a star!  She’s smart, she’s adorable and she is one of the sweetest dogs.  Here is what Courtney and Eric have to say about Charley.

“It’s hard to believe Charley is 5 months old now and a little over 20 pounds! She is so cute, and she knows it. We live in a busy building in downtown Chicago so she definitely gets exposed to a lot of people. She is so used to being loved and adored that she gets quite confused if someone does not shower her with attention. She is very social with people and other dogs. She bangs on the bells, not to let us know when she needs to potty, but to let us know she wants to go downstairs to socialize and play! She is very smart.  Charley is potty trained for the most part. She typically only has a tinkle accidents (every few weeks or so) at this point if she gets super excited about guests, or if she’s frightened for some reason. Charley took a puppy training class and knows sit, down, stay, wait, drop it, and come. She does excellent with the commands indoors, and is making progress with commands outdoors where there are more distractions. She’s making great progress with loose leash walking; however, she’s so excited to see everything and everyone, this part of training has been a bit slower.” MiniRedMerleMiniAussieDoodlePuppyShoes

Here are some more fun facts about Charley:
Treats – she’ll do almost anything for snacks.
Parks – she loves to be outside and will sit and watch people.
Closets – because her favorite thing is inside (shoes).
Toys – she loves playing with anything that is not technically her toy.
Beach – she absolutely loves playing in the sand and is getting braver each time with the water.
Shower curtain – she loves to lick the shower curtain anytime someone is in there.
Bathroom tile – favorite place to sleep and cool off.

Blow dryers – she dislikes bath time, and hates the blow dryer. We have to wear gloves and hold treats to keep our hands safe and distract her from attacking the blow dryer.
Crate time – she doesn’t mind being in her crate, but she does put up a bit of a fight on the way in.
Fears – window washers, ropes, ribbons, strings, and construction noises. RedMerleAussieDoodlePuppies


Night owl – she is not a morning pup AT ALL. She is super lazy in the mornings and typically wakes up at 6 am for a quick potty break and then goes back to sleep until 9 or 10am. She wakes up rowdy and ready to eat.

Sassy time – she gets super rowdy and sassy about 8 pm every night. We often roam around the city or building trying to find a playmate so she can relieve some energy! She runs sprints around the apartment every night and then the next second she crashes in exhaustion.

Screaming and whining – anytime we’re in the car and she knows she’s going to the vet (treats) or playtime (friends) she literally screams with excitement. It’s ear piercing, but we try to come prepared with earphones and tasty treats to manage her excitement.


Charley is a star on instagram.  If you would like to follow her, go here :  https://www.instagram.com/aussiedoodle_charlotte/

Here is a quick video, of Charley showing off her skills.