Lulu. See more photos below.

Lulu is being raised by:

Rebecca Amazing AussieDoodles near Minneapolis Minnesota

Rebecca raises AussieDoodle puppies near Minneapolis, in a small city called Eau Claire, Wisconsin. She is married, has a daughter and two beautiful Aussies. She's a part time Dental Assistant, a full time mom, and webmaster for AwesomeDoodle. Rebecca and her family like to hike, bike, camp, fish, canoe, ski, snowshoe, and her dogs go with her. Every weekend is an adventure. "I love to garden as much as I can, during the 6 months of warm weather we get in this region. I call it my "vegetable jungle". Nutrition is a priority for me [read more]

  • LuLu is doing great at 14 weeks! She rings the bell consistently to go potty and is easily distracted from biting to a toy or bully stick. She gets lots of play time with my daughters dog and I think that keeps her from having too much crazy puppy time – she zooms around a little at times and it’s very entertaining.

    She starts official training tomorrow and can use work on leash walking and come when called.

    Overall, she has a great, outgoing personality and isn’t anxious or scared of anything. We feel lucky to have her. – Desa

    Congratulations to Desa and her family from Florida on their new beautiful girl Lulu!

    Lulu is a phantom blue merle female AussieDoodle puppy with dark copper accents and a intricate, yet bold merle patterned coat. We think she will look just like his her older brother Wally as she gets older. She is just absolutely stunning!

  • Size: We estimate this Penny X Humphrey puppy to be between 20-30 lbs full grown.

  • Born Thursday, April 9th, 2020. Ready to go home May 28th – June 11th.

  • Pick up info: Free delivery within 1 hours of Eau Claire, WI or pick up at Minneapolis Int. Airport.

  • Predicted Temperament & Personality: While puppy personalities vary a little, temperaments are very well balanced. Our AussieDoodle owners consistently tell us their dogs characteristics are a lot like their mom and dad. Read the descriptions below to see if you think these qualities would be a good fit for your family.



Humphrey is a poodle and he is the son of Jackpot. Everyone loves Humphrey’s puppies and we love this little guy. He’s gentle, he’s fun, and he will do anything for some hugs. Humphrey is just over 20lbs. His owner is an avid outdoors-men and he loves to hike, swim (in pools and lakes and streams) and do just about anything outdoors. He is fast and agile on his feet, and he is never far from his people. What we love most about Humphrey is his temperament. He simply doesn’t have a [read more]

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