3/7/20: Just wanted to give you an update on Lilly Belle. Remember us? We received our pup from you 3 years ago (almost to the day) March 10, 2017. Tuxedo pup from Ringo and Snowflake.
We love ️our pup. Now at 3 years old, she won’t leave our side and is the absolute best little pup ever.  Look at her eyes.  So much soul and love. We call her the love dog.  For instance, when one of our family members gets home, she barks and runs around gathering up all of the family members around the house to bring us all together to greet the one who just came home.  She loves when we all hug and hugs us too.
She wants to please us.  When I reprimand her, I lower my voice very quietly and gently hold her face in my hands and say a very gentle “no”.  WOW is this effective. She sits so quietly, bows her head, then rolls over on her back in submission, wags her tail and keeps licking me as if to say she is sorry.  As soon as she does “something bad” (taking a slipper,etc.) she immediately sits down and wags her tail and looks at me with those love eyes.   We praise her and get so excited when she does something right and are very quiet when we don’t like a behavior. 
She is so smart, too.  She know tons of commands.   I really think she just flat out knows English.  (Not kidding) She loves to play hide and seek with her toy named bear. Bear is her hide and seek toy only.  Whenever she brings us bear, we play hide and seek.  We tell her to sit, and stay.  Then we hide bear (somewhere rather easy like the side of a chair but out of her view so she can’t see where we placed it)and on command, we tell her to find bear. She runs to find bear and when she does, we all get so excited and praise her.
If we say, “what’s going on?” She runs upstairs and looks out the window in the room over the garage. That only took a day and a half to train her to do that.  She has a bin full of toys.  We named them all, and when we say the name of a toy, she’ll dig in that bin and find it for us.  Or, if it’s not in the bin, she’ll run around the house looking for it until she finds it.   I set up her toys to have different jobs. For instance, Bear, just plays hide and seek.  Bessie the cow, and Koala are just her sleeping buddies.  We never play catch with these and we ask her to find them when it’s night night time.  They are quiet toys.  When she has these, it’s quiet time.  We have a group of toys that we play catch and run around with.  Different toys mean different things.  Sometimes toys break or get chewed up. We replace it with a different toy or plush animal and re-train our pup on what that toy means.
She figures out things and is SO FUNNY!  She has such a sense of humor.  My slippers were on the floor and she grabbed one.  I told her to drop it.  She thought about it for 5 seconds, dropped it, then grabbed the other one and took off.  We laughed so hard! She figured out how to do what we both wanted :)
She keeps us laughing everyday and we just love this beautiful ️ love dog .  All 55 pounds of her.
Tom, thank you for taking your time with us, coaching us.  You guys really spent a lot of time with us and we really appreciate it very much.  We watched your videos and read a lot of books, too, on how to train. We reprimand with love, not fear.  It took awhile, but it works! We get such a big kick out of her. She is amazing and a true light in our lives. Take care, and  thank you so very much.
By the way, everyone who meets her, just falls in love.  People stop us on the street and ask where we got her. Of course, we say AwesomeDoodle. -Laure

Lilly is a Black tuxedo AussieDoodle. She has all black front feet, white back feet, and lots of white on her chest. We expect her to top out around 35lbs. Lilly‘s personality is starting to shine. She and her twin sister, Violet, like to stick together. At 6 weeks old, their personality is just now starting to come out. They are both fairly calm and submissive, and both love to be held and snuggled. Lilly is outgoing, but not too rambunctious. She is NOT SHY at all, loves everyone, including strangers. We expect her temperament to be very well balanced. Shadow got an A+ at her 6 week puppy check up. She also got her first round of vaccinations and first de-worming. Lilly looks like he will have a very low shedding, wavy – curly coat.

Congrats to Laure and family.

7 weeks old


6 weeks old