What was your experience like finding AwesomeDoodle?
Our experience with AwesomeDoodle, was just that… just awesome. Once we decided to get ourselves on the list, the waiting was so hard. What made the time pass by quickly was how addicted we became to the puppy cams and the Facebook group. It was so fun to get to see families and their new AwesomeDoodles. And, I love keeping track of them now.
What was your experience like once you signed up and then chose a puppy?
Knox was an unexpected surprise from Livvy and Winston, and we couldn’t have been more thrilled to get that call. Because it was a bit unexpected, we were able to surprise our children. When Errol walked into the house with them, it was a moment I won’t forget. They were so excited and fell in love instantly
Tell us about beautiful Knox!

Knox is the cutest little ball of fluff. His favorite thing to do is hit the park each evening and play with all of the neighborhood doggies. His friends range from a HUGE Newfoundland named Moose, an English Sheepdog named Penny and another Aussiedoodle named Blue Bell. But his favorite friend of all is his girlfriend, another mini Aussiedoodle named Snickerdoodle, aka Snickers. As you all know, whenever we take Knox anywhere we can’t walk 2 feet without someone wanting to know all about him. They constantly comment on how beautiful he is and how his eyes are simply amazing. He just loves meeting new people and soaks up as much love as he gives out.  Right now, he loves to chase other doggies more than toys, but he is starting to run after a frisbee, so we are hopeful to have a frisbee doggie. His favorite time to cuddle is in the morning. He loves nothing more than Sunday morning cuddles on the couch.

We are so thankful to Awesomedoodle for giving us the opportunity to bring lil Knoxy into our family.

“We love him so very much. He is so cute and is doing so great. I can’t believe how chill he is at barely 4 months old!”

Knox is a blue merle male aussiedoodle.  He’s absolutely perfect! We think he will look like Sydney or Remy. Congratulations to Heidi and Errol in California.