blue merle aussiedoodle puppy with copper and blue eyes

Sasha is a female Blue Merle w/White F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Congrats to: Cindy and Tom from Pittsburgh, PA on this Girl, Sasha.

AwesomeDoodle puppy review / comments submitted by Cindy and Tom from Pittsburgh, PA on their F1 AussieDoodle:

"Sasha is doing great.  She finished all her shots last Friday including the start of the lyme disease shot since PA is number 1 for lyme disease.  She weighs 17 pounds - wow and the vet thinks she'll probably be 45 pounds, but he's not promising either way.  Sasha has a great personality, she loves, loves, loves people.  Everywhere we go, everyone we meet she loves people and will sit and wait for them to notice and talk to her if they don't:)  She is so absolutely beautiful it is incredible and she is so very sweet.  Our next door neighbors have two girls who come and play with her frequently - they are 4 and 7.  She loves her girls and longingly sits looking at their house waiting for them to come and play. Sasha has had one private session with a trainer and she can sit, down, up and stand.  She is walking on a leash and some days are better than others.  She has had 3 weeks of puppy kindergarten with  4 other puppies who are all fairly close to her age.  The first 2 weeks of class, she had no interest in free play and sat and watched.  When the boys were rambunctious she came and hid under our chairs behind us.  Last Thursday she was all in though and played with every puppy there, she just wanted to observe for awhile.  She has had a few puppy playdates with a corgi, a six month old goldendoodle and a dachsund.  They have all gone very well.   Potty training is most of the way there - she has slept through the night since she was 9 weeks old.  It's always our forgetting to take her out when there is an accident.  She can go about 2 hours during the day.  She has learned to sleep in on the weekends (til 7:30 or 8).  She is up when she hears a sound during the week.  She terrorizes her older cat brother Rex who does not understand how this puppy will not bend to his will:) We will probably do more private training.  The trainer said she was so smart we'd be able to teach her lots of things.  She crosses her feet quite a  bit on her own, so we'll work on that one soon.  We have been working hard to socialize her well and she doesn't respond to dogs, cats, squirrels, deer, etc. on walks." - Cindy


Maddie X Gunner F1 AussieDoodles

Born: July 25, 2020

Estimated Size: 25-40lbs

blue merle aussiedoodle puppy with copper and blue eyes

blue eyed aussiedoodle

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

blue merle aussiedoodle

4 weeks old

blue merle aussiedoodle

3 weeks old