“Thanks Awesome Doodle, you lived up to, and possibly surpassed, our expectations!  We think Gracie is settling in nicely considering her very long flight and being separated from Jordan and her siblings. We think she may be the cutest pup ever, with the exception of our last mini Aussie.

Gracie is doing great. She is busy exploring her new yard (that has no grass but a couple of trails and lots of bark she enjoys digging in).  She has her own wading pool she jumps (and pees) in several times a day and several toys. She is getting so used to her crate that she goes in it voluntarily and is mostly adorable. We are working hard socializing her by taking her places like the pet store, drug store, a few car rides, etc. We have had lots of people over and I think it is going well. She hasn’t played with any other dogs yet but that will change next week when we have a couple come over for a play date. I’m working on training her to be well behaved…ignoring bad behavior (mostly) and rewarding the good. She is super smart and catching on quickly. She is 10 weeks tomorrow and we have only had her for two but it seems much longer than that…in a good way!”

Gracie is an amazing blue merle with a little white sliver on her head and chest. Her high contrast coat will really POP.

Congrats to Libby and Bob and Family!

8 weeks old.


7 weeks old.


6 weeks old.


5 weeks old.


4 weeks old.


3 weeks old.


10 days old.


3 days old