Bindi Roo is a White Blue Merle F1 AussieDoodle puppy.


blue merle aussiedoodle with two blue eyes

Gender: Girl

Congrats to: Penny and Grant from Arkansas on this Girl, Bindi Roo.

We have Bindi Roo home, and we are in love!!!  We thank you for the wonderful gifts that we received yesterday! Since we received her from Susan, I cuddled her up to my chest and wrapped that T shirt around her (the one I sent to Susan,) she nuzzled up to me, and that was it!  ️ The long trip home (8 hours) was fine with a safe 2 crate system. (Bed in a small crate and potty pads in a larger crate connected together.)  Kibble and hot water in a thermos for mash preparation, and purified bottle water, small bowls and a fork for mashing wet kibble.  The Snuggle Puppy Behavioral Aid toy with the heartbeat, the T-shirt, and a small blanket from Susan worked well for her comfort. Adorable can’t begin to describe her.  She is cuddly, trusting, and calm.  She is playful, loves toys, and is in love with our big back yard.  She runs, bounces, and hops like a little bunny. And those bright blue eyes are mesmerizing!  Honeybee and Champ Rule in our book! Bindi Roo is eating and drinking well, sleeping all night right beside our bed in her crate, and is being taken outside to potty.  We decided not to get the puppy pads out.  We are retired and will be with her. This is based on our circumstances and would be different for other folks perhaps.  Thus far, she has not had one accident in the house. We have read so much of the AwesomeDoodle training information, and it is spot on!  I have had 5 Papillions over the years and went to “Puppy College” with them and read my share of training material.  You’re videos and written information are SUPERIOR to anything we have experienced, and I am sure we will refer to them again many times.  Susan and Don are amazing breeders.  The care and genuine love that they demonstrated with the pups and that precious Honeybee is a testament to AwesomeDoodle’s tenet of QUALITY.  The Puppy Cam was so valuable.  I started bonding in my heart the minute I began to watch.  And, we learned from the examples of Susan and Don. Thank you to all of the AwesomeDoodle staff and to Susan and Don for bringing this furry little bundle of joy, Bindi Roo, into our lives. We will be AwesomeDoodle fans forever! - Penny and Grant


toy aussie

Litter: Honeybee-x-Champ

Born: March 21, 2020

Breed of Puppy: F1 AussieDoodle

Estimated Size: 10-20lbs

Go Home Dates: December 1, 2020 to December 1, 2020

blue merle aussiedoodle with two blue eyes

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