Oreo. See more photos below.

Oreo is being raised by:

Susan’s Toy size Aussiepoos

Susan raises her AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY, just 90 minutes from Cincinnati, OH. Susan isn’t just part of the AwesomeDoodle Family, she has her own AwesomeDoodle from Winnie X Ares.  Sophie is one of the most popular dogs on our website, as she is the star of several training videos. Susan lives just a mile from Tom, practically in the same neighborhood. Susan’s passion for her dogs is apparent as soon as you walk in her house. She has 3 dogs, but only one will be an AwesomeDoodle mom. Susan is a retired nurse and [read more]

  • Congratulations! Michael and Carol from New Jersey have adopted little Oreo!

    Oreo is a black and white AussieDoodle puppy. His soft black based coat is beautifully contrasted with all that white on his collar, chest and belly. We love his little white socks on his paws and tip of his tail! He looks a lot like his cute big sis Ziggy. What a charming little doodle boy!

  • Size: We estimate this Honeybee X Champ puppy to be between 10-15 lbs full grown.

  • Born Saturday, March 21st, 2020.  Ready to go home as early as May 9th, 2020.

  • Pick up info: Free delivery within 1 hour of  Louisville, KY. Additional ground transportation may be available at .80/mile. Puppy nanny or airport pickup not guaranteed at this time.

  • Predicted Temperament & Personality: While puppy personalities vary a little, temperaments are very well balanced. Our AussieDoodle owners consistently tell us their dogs characteristics are a lot like their mom and dad. Read the descriptions below to see if you think these qualities would be a good fit for your family.



This is Champ, weighing in at a petite 10lbs. Champ is the perfect family dog. He likes to go on walks off leash, and sticks very close to his family. We call him “little champy” and he comes to us without even thinking about it. At Mike’s house, he has four human brothers and sisters and loves them all, even Mike’s 2 year old son. As you can see in his video, he is very playful and has a pretty good attention span, especially at only 10 months [read more]


HoneyBee comes from a breeder who specializes in sweet “lap dog” type toy Aussies, which look like full size Aussies. At just 12 lbs full grown, she is our second smallest Aussie (just above Gracie at 9 lbs). We LOVE HoneyBee to death. If she had her way, she would be smothered in your love all day. But she’s also able to explore the back yard on her own and can entertain herself sometimes. Just look at the copper on this girl! And those blue eyes will [read more]

AussieDoodles in Minnestota

7 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

AussieDoodles in Minnesota

3 weeks old

AussieDoodles in Minnesota AussieDoodles in Minnesota AussieDoodles in Minnesota AussieDoodles in Minnesota

aussiedoodles in minnesota

2 weeks old

aussiedoodles in minnesota aussiedoodles in minnesota aussiedoodles in minnesota aussiedoodles in minnesotaaussiedoodles in minnesota