“We can’t believe Maggie is four months old! We remember getting that first photo of her when we chose her out of the litter and it seems like just yesterday. But at the same time it feels like she’s been part of our family forever. In the last couple of weeks she’s really settled in. We still have plenty of wild puppy time but there’s less and less of it and more sweet snuggles, fun play, long walks and overall amazing times with our girl! She loves playing fetch with a ball, tug of war, stealing socks, bully sticks, belly rubs, giving kisses and snuggling on our bed before we put her into her crate for the night. She will crawl under any tight space she can find for naps. (She’s already grown out of a few of her favorite spots) This past week she lost a bunch of teeth and her big teeth are coming in. We won’t miss those little dagger puppy teeth! She hates when we walk into another room without her. She follows us around everywhere. You guys said these puppies are “velcro dogs” and you weren’t kidding! She’s starting another puppy kindergarten class this week to continue working on obedience (sit, down, stay for longer periods with more distractions) and also work more on walking on a leash. She’ll also get to meet lots of new people and puppies and get in some good play time which will be great. There’s a cute dog cafe in our neighborhood and we take her there so she can make new puppy friends. She likes big dogs better than little ones and it’s adorable watching her follow around giant golden retrievers or German shepherds 6 times her size. When we brought her home we had no idea what a challenge it would be to raise an aussiedoodle puppy. It’s not easy and takes a ton of patience, learning and hard work, but the love we have for her and the love she has for us makes all the blood, sweat and tears more than worth it. We love our little beautiful Maggie so much and are thrilled we chose to bring her into our family. Hope you and the AwesomeDoodle crew had a wonderful holiday season!” Best, Carly and Richard

Maggie is a Blue Merle female AussieDoodle. Her black markings on her face and head are the cutest! She has a sliver of white on her chest and white on the tips on some of her paws. She will look like Matilda when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Carly and Richard for this little gem!

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