Winnifred (Winnie)

Aussiedoodle puppy atlanta GA

Winnifred (Winnie). See more photos below.

Winnifred (Winnie) is being raised by:

Jennifer and her adorable mini Aussies

Jennifer raises her Toy AussieDoodle puppies in Atlanta, GA. Jennifer is very active on the AwesomeDoodle crew, not only raising some of the best toy size AussieDoodle Puppies, but also helping the AwesomeDoodle group by helping us form new policies and procedures. To say that Jennifer is “consumed” with raising her puppies, is an understatement. Her videos are amazing as she updates you weekly on the health, vigor, and blossoming personalities of your puppy. Her photos are some of our best, and you’ll be waiting on pins and needles every week [read more]

  • 11 weeks and Lady Winifred is doing great!

    Yes – CRAZY puppy time is in full swing. Her nickname is Freddy…as in Kruger…

    She’s totally potty trained although still uses the potty pad for wee wee a few times a day. If she has to do #2 on the pad because I failed to take her out timely she gets angry!

    She does “sit” and “down” on command without fail . She also will do “sit, stay and then come” up to about 25 feet.

    She watches everything. Last week it was airplanes and the local train. This week she loves to watch the deer. She doesn’t make a peep and doesn’t move; she just watches.

    We are working on the people in her life – training them to talk to her like the Lady she is as opposed to an excitable puppy.

    She’s growing like a weed and goes for her second vet visit on Thursday.

    I just love my little Winnie.  She’s the best shelter-in-place companion one could wish for.

    Hope everyone at Awesome Doodle is healthy and safe. – Mary

    Congrats to Mary on her new puppy Winnie! Winnie is a female black phantom mini AussieDoodle puppy with vibrant copper markings. She has little touches of white on her chest, toes and a tad on her little chin. She will look just like her half brothers Harley or Bear. Winnifred is such a little darling!

  • Size: We estimate this Cali X Humphrey puppy to be between 20-30 lbs full grown.

  • Born Saturday, January 25th, 2020.


Cali is a miniature sized blue merle Australian Shepherd with copper. If you’re looking for the perfect family pet, Cali’s AussieDoodle puppies might be for you. Cali is one of our lower energy dogs, she rarely barks, and she’s never far from her family. Cali goes everywhere with the family and loves to ride in the car, go to the kid’s school events, and meet new people. Cali is quite loyal to her family. When the family is spread out in the house, Cali will go from room [read more]


Humphrey is a poodle and he is the son of Jackpot. Everyone loves Humphrey’s puppies and we love this little guy. He’s gentle, he’s fun, and he will do anything for some hugs. Humphrey is just over 20lbs. His owner is an avid outdoors-men and he loves to hike, swim (in pools and lakes and streams) and do just about anything outdoors. He is fast and agile on his feet, and he is never far from his people. What we love most about Humphrey is his temperament. He simply doesn’t have a [read more]

Aussiedoodle puppy atlanta GA

7 weeks old

black phantom aussiedoodle

6 weeks old

black phantom aussiedoodle black phantom aussiedoodle black phantom aussiedoodle black phantom aussiedoodle black phantom aussiedoodle black phantom aussiedoodle

aussiedoodle puppy

5 weeks old

aussiedoodle puppy    aussiedoodle puppy

4 weeks old

black phantom puppy

3 weeks old

2 weeks old

phantom aussiedoodle

1 week old