Harlowe is a female Black Tri-Color F1 AussieDoodle puppy.

Congrats to: Amanda and Joshua in Colorado on this Girl, Harlowe.

AwesomeDoodle puppy review / comments submitted by Amanda and Joshua in Colorado on their F1 AussieDoodle:

"To those of you waiting for your 'doodle, I just wanted to say, there is no better dog to choose, than an awesome doodle. Seriously. I have 2 schnuazers, and they're good dogs. They're smart. And I love them to death. But Harlowe, she's amazing. She's on another level altogether. Hands down the best. Dog. Ever. So smart, so sweet and affectionate, SO incredibly expressive, and so easy to train. And I know all the other awesome doodle owners will agree. Absolutely amazing dogs! I can't imagine life without her. You are all in for a treat, and I'm so excited for you! Congrats! Harlowe, she's about 6 mos, and she is 25.4 pounds of pure joy and awesomeness." "Harlowe is settling in nicely, and today makes day 2 of no accidents in the house!  Now she rings the bell and goes right out.  She only wakes about twice at night, and settles right back into her crate and sleeps til 5 or 6 am.  She starts a puppy class on Sunday, but we have been working on sit and down and come, as well as look, and she's got those down pretty well.  She's been getting daily outtings in the car to Lowe's, the pet store, etc and she's always a huge hit.  She is a remarkably smart dog."


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Estimated Size: 25-40lbs

7 weeks old

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