“Cooper is doing great and we couldn’t be happier with him.  He was pretty much house trained on his 2nd day with us.  He only had three accidents and two were our fault for not getting to the door on time.  He loves his crate, and except for the first night with us rarely whines at night.  He has slept until at least 4:30 every night.

His training is going well as he learned sit and leave rather quickly.  We continue to work on down, stay, and come.  Our biggest issue is teaching him off as he gets his front paws up on the couch.

He loves his walks and wants to greet everyone we walk up to.  He is really good with other dogs, but is a little timid around larger dogs when the other dog is excited.  If they are calm he goes right up to them.  We had our first puppy play time this past weekend and will be doing puppy training over the next several weeks. Cooper just had his second vet appointment today and everything was great. We are so happy to have Cooper with us.  He is adorable, very smart, and has a wonderful personality.”

Richard, Lynn, and Cooper


Congrats to Rich and Lynn!

black tuxedo aussiedoodle puppy

7 weeks old.


6 weeks old.


5 weeks old.


4 weeks old.


3 weeks old.


2 weeks old.


One week old.