Java is a puppy.

phantom blue merle aussiedoodle white chest with one blue eye


Litter: Darla-x-Humphrey

Born: March 5, 2020

Breed of Puppy: F1 AussieDoodle

Estimated Size: 25-40lbs

Go Home Dates: November 27, 2020 to November 27, 2020

phantom blue merle aussiedoodle white chest with one blue eye

Java. See more photos below.

Java is being raised by:

  • At eight weeks: Java has been 100% with her litter box. Had one #2 she got on the side of the box, but overall, she totally understands her box and has since right away. We praise her every time she goes that we see.  She is already in love with her crate, it was almost instantaneous. We introduced her the first afternoon and took a 2 hour nap in it right away. It’s her safe space and have worked on closing it during the day and leaving the room. She woke up at 2 am the first 3 nights for potty, but now makes it from 10pm-6am in her crate with no whining. She’ll bring different toys in and out of it. She is absolutely dead by 10pm, we have to keep her awake, so putting her to bed is very easy, in-fact she puts herself to bed 

    We have been working on treat and sit training from day one. it’s amazing, she caught on right away. I think the puppy pen as really helped because she will offer her sit when she knows we are leaving. So if she starts going crazy, we leave and she sits, then we praise or offer treats. At this point, if I’m standing, I can say Java, click and she’ll sit and look at my eyes. So doing the training is relatively easy.

    We’ve introduced to her basically every household appliance, blender, vacuum, hair dryer, etc and not of them have seemed to bother her or even scare her. She’s just interested and perks up.

    She really is super smart and has a big distinct personality and clearly has things she likes and dislikes and knows it. I think she really has got her schedule down now too. Not a peep in the nights. – Alex and Liby

    Congrats to Liby and Alex from College Point, NY on this gorgeous girl.

    Java is a phantom blue merle female mini AussieDoodle puppy with ample bright copper trim.  We love the copper eyebrows and muzzle! She has a white blaze, white chin, and a large white chest. She resembles her older half brother Enzo. You can already see her curl starting, how sweet! Such a perfect little doodle girl!

  • Size: We estimate this Darla X Humphrey puppy to be between 25-40 lbs full grown.

  • Born March 5th, 2020. Puppy will be ready to go home between April 23rd – May 7th.

  • Pick up info: Free delivery within 1 hour of Louisville, KY. Additional ground transportation may be available at .90/mile. Puppy nanny or airport pickup not guaranteed at this time.