Charley, going to her new forever loving home, with Courtney and Eric.

We are so thankful to AwesomeDoodle’s Tom for our Charley.  From our first phone conversation, we knew that this experience would be different from other breeder options.  Tom took the time to interview us, and ensure that we were ready for a puppy, helped us understand the challenges of raising a puppy in an apartment, and shared more about the AussieDoodle breed.  We really appreciated that they took the time to make sure all of the puppies were going to loving and prepared homes.

Tom was so quick with personal and website updates from the time we placed a deposit through the day we took Charley home.  We really appreciated that we were able to pick our puppy out so early after she was born and watch her grow on the puppy cam each day.  Throughout the 7 weeks Charley was growing and learning, we received many pictures and video updates from Tom.  They sent holiday pictures of her and puppy supplies too…what a nice surprise!  They also gave us a chance to win gifts in the AwesomeDoodle Challenge.  The contest gifts were great, but the best part of the challenge was answering all of the questions as a family and testing our puppy training knowledge.  It really forced us to research, read, and get on the same page about how to raise Charley.

Tom did an excellent job of preparing us for bringing Charley home, including the car ride, and the first few days.  We are so happy she’s home, and love her so much.  She is extremely smart and adjusted to our home very quickly.  She only cried for a few minutes the first night and since then has slept through the night in her crate.  She also came to us already knowing how to sit and wait patiently for a treat.  Our first official puppy training class was just a review of what she already knew!

Charley is so cute and gets a ton of compliments from everyone we come across.  She loves people and assumes that they will notice her, pet her, and tell her how cute she is.  She gets a little confused now when someone passes her and keeps walking without loving on her!  We highly recommend AwesomeDoodle if you are interested in an AussieDoodle.  They really stand apart from other breeders with their puppy training knowledge, love for the puppies, and their interactions with owners.  We couldn’t be happier with our AwesomeDoodle experience, and our Charley is the perfect match for us – so fun, cuddly, smart, and cute.
Courtney and Eric

Charley, at 9 weeks old, sporting her winter vest.  Charley loves the show, but Chicago’s winters are cold!

Charley at 7 weeks old

Charley at 5 weeks old

Charley at 7 weeks old, playing in the snow.