CeeCee. See more photos below.

CeeCee is being raised by:

Jordan, Angela and their Amazing AussieDoodles

Meet Jordan. Jordan is raising AussieDoodles near Columbus, Ohio. He’s got “country” in his blood, and “family” in his heart. What shines most about Jordan, is his love for his Aussie Doodle Puppies. Jordan is one proud doodle daddy, and for good reason. Aside from his dogs being absolutely gorgeous, they are well trained, athletic, and best of all, super affectionate. Jordan has years of experience raising Aussies. To say that Jordan is “addicted to aussies” is an understatement.  When you ask Jordan why he likes it so much, he’ll tell you it’s the smiles [read more]

  • “Her first night was amazing. Slept 930-630 in crate w two potty times in litter pan. She has a snuggle puppy and blanket w mamas scent. We have cage at eye level so she can see us.
    No accidents. Went to church twice today for service and was calm as a cucumber.

    Eating ok…she likes to graze lol

    Sitting like a champ! Boiled chicken rocks.

    I will be home working this week while she adjusts. We interviewed a puppy nanny for help on days in the future that we aren’t here for more than 4 hours.

    Tomorrow she has her first vet appt. Tuesday night her trainer comes to visit. She’s just perfect! So far lol.

    We’ve been seeing the play time and chewing activities. Removing our hands (or hair. She loves hair) and ignoring Behavior until she settles. Then giving her a toy to chew instead.

    She did not like me in the shower today!!!! At all!

    I will read and watch the info. It’s very helpful. Thank you so much.” – Kristin

    Congrats to Anthony and Kristin on their new puppy CC!

    Candy (CC) Cane (pronounced Cee Cee) a red bi colored female puppy with a mostly white collar and a full white chest and belly. Each precious little paw has white on it, along with the tip of her tail. We love her shiny red velvet coat and the white hourglass contrast on her face will really show off how cute she is. We think she will look a lot like this beautiful girl Aslan.  What a sweet little Christmas Treat she is!

  • Size: We estimate Pepper X Champ puppies to be between 10-20 lbs full grown.

  • Born Thursday, December 8th, 2019.


This is Champ, weighing in at a petite 10lbs. Champ is the perfect family dog. He likes to go on walks off leash, and sticks very close to his family. We call him “little champy” and he comes to us without even thinking about it. At Mike’s house, he has four human brothers and sisters and loves them all, even Mike’s 2 year old son. As you can see in his video, he is very playful and has a pretty good attention span, especially at only 10 months [read more]


Pepper is a mini Aussie, and she is a daughter of Faith. If you like Faith's puppies, you'll be sure to like Pepper's too. Pepper is sweet, she's cuddly, and playful. Pepper is a blue Merle and one of our smallest at 19 lbs and 13 in tall, she loves to sit next to you, and would sit ON you if you let her. When pepper is outside, she enjoys playing fetch, and also gets super excited to chase the squirrels out of the backyard or up into a tree. Pepper lives [read more]

red aussiedoodle

6.5 weeks old

red bi aussiepoo toy aussiedoodle red toy aussiepoo toy aussiepoo

red bi colored aussiedoodle

5.5 weeks old

red bi aussiedoodle

4 weeks old

red bi aussiedoodle

3 weeks old

red and white aussie poo

2 weeks old

red bi aussiedoodle

1 week old