AussieDoodles in Kentucky

Ivy. See more photos below.

Ivy is being raised by:

Tom’s AussieDoodle Puppies In Kentucky

I raise my Mini AussieDoodle Puppies in Louisville, KY, which is perfect location if you’re looking for AussieDoodles in Nashville, Alabama or Mississippi. I have a passion for AussieDoodles because they are the perfect combination of the intelligence and loyalty of the Australian Shepherd, plus the intelligence and happy go lucky attitude of the poodle. I only have two girls, Poochie and Winnie. They will stay with me forever. I have a few other guardian dogs (who live in their forever homes) and they come to my home to have their AussieDoodle puppies. I raise my [read more]

  • Congratulations to Christine from Greenville, IN! Ivy is a female Apricot AussieDoodle puppy.  Her beautiful and bright coat color is rare in our AussieDoodle world and we just adore it! We love her white muzzle and the large white splash on her chest. Plus she has that cute white spot on her head, what a cutie! She looks just like her half sister Windy.  Such a pretty little golden girl!

  • Size: We estimate this Sugar X Humphrey puppy to be between 20-30 lbs full grown.

  • Born Sunday, March 1st, 2020.  Ready to come home by car on April 19th, or by plane by April 26th. Puppy must go home no later than Sunday May 3rd, 2020.


Humphrey is a poodle and he is the son of Jackpot. Everyone loves Humphrey’s puppies and we love this little guy. He’s gentle, he’s fun, and he will do anything for some hugs. Humphrey is just over 20lbs. His owner is an avid outdoors-men and he loves to hike, swim (in pools and lakes and streams) and do just about anything outdoors. He is fast and agile on his feet, and he is never far from his people. What we love most about Humphrey is his temperament. He simply doesn’t have a [read more]

Sugar Baby

Sugar, Sugar Baby, Sugar Bear, we have lots of nicknames for her, but one thing is for certain: she has spunk and personality. Sugar Baby lives in her forever home with Jennifer and Aaron in Bloomington, Indiana. She’s what we call a “Guardian dog” just like Robin. Sugar lives with her Winnie X Ares AussieDoodle sister, named “Winnie Jr”. She has a fun life with Jennifer, Aaron, and their 4 kids. Sugar goes to Tom’s house every few months for “vacations” and hangs out with Tom and family. Sugar is just as [read more]

AussieDoodles in Kentucky

7 weeks old

AussieDoodles in Kentucky

AussieDoodles in Kentucky

6 weeks old

AussieDoodles in Kentucky

aussiedoodles in Kentucky

5 weeks old

aussiedoodles in Kentucky

aussiedoodles in Kentucky

4 weeks old

aussiedoodles in Kentucky aussiedoodles in Kentucky aussiedoodles in Kentucky

golden aussiedoodle

3 weeks old

golden aussiedoodle golden aussiedoodle golden aussiedoodle golden aussiedoodle

2 weeks old