“We have had Brombie less than 24 hours and we are totally amazed at this incredible puppy. Dogs have been a part of our lives for a long time and we have loved each and every one dearly. Brombie clearly is exceptional. We want to thank all the Doodle Crew and especially Jordan for allowing this awesome puppy to be part of our lives. It was obvious from the first moments we interacted with Brombie that he had been raised with love. We are totally impressed with all the professionalism and dedication that is Awesome Doodle. We also appreciate all the support and goodies we received. We will make sure you know all about Brombie‘s wonderful life.”

“Just wanted to let you know everything is going great at Sleepy Teepee Ranch.
*Vet check on 5/23 with Brombie weighing in at 6.2 pounds. Given 3 day dose for giardia.
*Great appetite and solid stools
*Gets along great (most of the time) with his brothers, Rocky and Doobie
*Learned how to use the doggie door and sits with his brothers for treats.
*Night time potty only 1 or 2 times.
*Loves his crate and sometimes shares it with his brother Rocky
*Lots of car rides and 4-wheeler trips to check cows
*Has been exposed to cats, chickens, donkeys, and horses
*Seems to love the ranch routine and generally comes when called.
*Has had several dog visits
*2 Photo Shoots for my Christmas Aussie Doodle Calendar
Again, we continue to be thrilled with our little man. Of course he does the silly biting pants, toes, and fingers, but is easily redirected to more appropriate behavior. You all did a wonderful job preparing these puppies for their forever families and preparing the families for their puppies. Thanks again, Jim and Jeri”

BrombieĀ is a incredible blue merle with copper highlights on his face and legs. A little white on his chest.
He has a really nice bold black patch on his right side.

Congrats to Jim & Jeri and Family!


8 weeks old.


7 weeks old.


6 weeks old.


5 weeks old.


4 weeks old.


3 weeks old.


10 days old.


3 days old