AwesomeDoodle June News

Covid-19 Update:

Families have been flying to our airports or driving to our homes and picking up their puppies with no trouble. No puppies have been denied boarding planes and no families have had any problems crossing state lines. Puppy nannies are flying as usual, although some flights are still being cancelled. We can’t predict the future, but it looks like things will be “business as usual” soon and we don’t expect any problems traveling to get your puppy.

Still flights are slim, so if you want to come get your puppy, you’ll need to make sure there is a flight available. If you want to use a puppy nanny, we can help coordinate that for you.

To date, no AwesomeDoodle families have any cases of COVID, and no owners have reported to us a case of COVID so we are so happy our families (and yours) are healthy.

If you are getting a puppy from us and you are concerned about the risk of COVID during the hand off to you, we are happy to work with you to help minimize the risk during the hand off.

¬†When will you be offered a puppy? This is the big question. We’ve started posting our puppy pick stats here.

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sheepadoodle puppySheepaDoodles!

In case you didn’t know, AwesomeDoodle is now offering SheepaDoodles.

And we’ve got two litters being born in mid August. As of today, there WILL be availability for these two litters.

You can read everything about these friendly giants here, including how to be included if you would like to consider one.

Like our AussieDoodles, our SheepaDoodles are covered under our VIP lifetime support. They have health checks, and they will be raised the same way we raise all our puppies. None of our policies have changed for raising and supporting our SheepaDoodles.

Can’t wait to get you that perfect puppy!