AwesomeDoodle July News

Covid-19 Update:

Families have been flying to our airports or driving to our homes and picking up their puppies with no trouble. No puppies have been denied boarding planes and no families have had any problems crossing state lines. Puppy nannies are still flying, however they are often getting delayed and ending up staying in hotels with puppies. For this reason, we may not be coordinating nannies for families on certain litters.

To date, no AwesomeDoodle families have any cases of COVID, and no owners have reported to us a case of COVID so we are so happy our families (and yours) are healthy.

If you are getting a puppy from us and you are concerned about the risk of COVID during the hand off to you, we are happy to work with you to help minimize the risk during the hand off.

Lots of SheepaDoodle puppies went home this month and we’re getting great feedback from owners. We’re so excited about our SheepaDoodles. If you would like to consider one, you are welcome to edit your profile and then you will be contacted when we do our SheepaDoodle puppy picks, which will start in about 4 weeks.

 When will you be offered a puppy? We have updated our our puppy pick stats here. (You’ll need to be logged in to access this page.)

We’ve already done 2 litters of puppy picks this month, we have 3 more litters born since, and two more due before the end of this month! Lots of cuties being born and more on the way. See all our upcoming litters here:

Need a refresher on how our puppy picks work?

1. When we have a new litter (~2 weeks old) with puppies that match your size range, we will email the details to the first 25 families who want a puppy in this size range, 48-72 hours before we start puppy picks. So keep an eye on your email!

2. We compile a list of everyone who opted in (usually around 10-20 families), and then start at the top and offer puppies, in order of signup date.

3. If you opt in, we will email and txt at the same time. We’ll show you ALL the puppies from which you can choose.

4.  You pick your puppy!

All the details here.

sheepadoodle puppySheepaDoodles!

Do you know the SheepaDoodle? As of July 20th, there WILL be availability for our upcoming litters.

You can read everything about these friendly giants here, including how to be included if you would like to consider one.

Like our AussieDoodles, our SheepaDoodles are covered under our VIP lifetime support. They have health checks, and they will be raised the same way we raise all our puppies. None of our policies have changed for raising and supporting our SheepaDoodles.

Can’t wait to get you that perfect puppy!