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Got AussieDoodle Puppy questions?

We’ve got answers. Most of our frequently Asked questions are listed below as a quick reference for your convenience.

Are AussieDoodles Hypoallergenic?2019-08-20T12:47:25-05:00

While no dogs are 100% Hypoallergenic, poodles are known to be one of the most tolerable dogs for people with allergies.  Short haired dogs are usually the worst, while long haired dogs are known to be better.  To date, no family has ever returned one of our F1 AussieDoodles due to allergies. We have sent dozens of puppies home to families who report they have “mild allergies”, and they report no reaction to our F1 AussieDoodles.

That said, no one could ever guarantee you won’t have an allergic reaction to an AussieDoodle (or even a poodle). If you have severe allergies and really want an AussieDoodle, we would suggest getting an F1B AussieDoodle, or spending some time with a F1 AussieDoodle (if you can find one) and seeing if you have a reaction.

When two humans have a child, sometimes the child looks like mom, and sometimes like dad, and sometimes both.  With dogs, it is the same way.  In summary, there is no exact answer to this question, because it depends on the severity of the allergies.

AwesomeDoodle only raises pure F1 or F1b AussieDoodles, so you can be assured you will have a true AussieDoodle, with no chance of inbreeding or line breeding. We recommend you avoid multi generation AussieDoodles, as many breeders are mixing any two “doodles” and calling them AussieDoodles. Inbreeding is very common with some breeders, but AwesomeDoodle does not do any line breeding or inbreeding.

F1 AussieDoodle = (100% Aussie X 100% Poodle)   In most cases, you will get puppies that are non (or very low) shedding, and usually people with mild allergies are not affected.  The puppy will look like a cross between an Aussie and a poodle.  Hair will be long, wavy, and need to be trimmed and groomed.

F1b AussieDoodle = (F1 AussieDoodle X 100% Poodle)  In most cases, you will get puppies that are completely non shedding, and these dogs are generally better for people with moderate / heavy allergies.   Hair is usually very curly. Notice how this F1B puppy is a little more curly than the F1 on the left.

What if I need help picking my AussieDoodle Puppy?2019-08-20T12:44:52-05:00


The AwesomeDoodle Pick List. How does it work?
When you sign up to get your new AussieDoodle Puppy, you’ll go on our master waiting list.

What kind of puppy do you want?
What size and color do you want? Do you want a puppy from a certain mama? You don’t need to answer these questions right away. However, if you have “must have” criteria, let us know. For example, if you tell us you ONLY want a dog under 25lbs, we won’t contact you with any puppies above that weight range.

From what location will you get a puppy?
We have loving families, just like yours, raising puppies all over the USA. You can pick a puppy from ANY family. The majority of our puppies go home on airplanes, riding under the seat (we don’t “cargo ship” puppies). So don’t restrict your choice based on location. You should pick the puppy you want, as it will be your family member for ~15 years.

When do we let our families pick a puppy?
When we have a new litter, we take photos and a video of each puppy when they are deemed healthy (usually at 1-2 weeks old). We start at the top of our list and offer puppies to the families on the list who’s requirements match the puppies we have available. When we get to your name on the list, you’re welcome to pick a puppy, or pass until the next litter comes along. If you pass, you won’t lose your spot on the waiting list. Your name continues to move to the top of our list as people above you pick puppies. On our next litter, we will start at the top, and work our way down again.

Where am on on your waiting list?
This is a common question, and while it seems like an easy question, it’s difficult to answer. We usually have around 120 deposits for unborn puppies. While that may seem like a ridiculous number, it’s for good reason.  We’re AwesomeDoodle, we have a lifetime support policy, a two year health guarantee, we health test all our mommies and daddies, and you get professional photos and videos of your puppy weekly. We offer a dozen different colors of AussieDoodles, and all sizes. Everyone wants something different!

Because many families pass when it is their turn to pick a puppy, and because we have 2-3 litters per month i different parts of the country, our wait list moves pretty quickly. These estimated wait times are fairly accurate.

Of course, restricting by size and gender may add more wait time, but these wait times are based on real wait times in the history of AwesomeDoodle. And again, we’re not a puppy farm so you’ll never see us with tons of puppies available. We will NOT produce puppies if there are not enough people on the list. We don’t believe in making homeless puppies.

We know the wait is difficult. It’s worth it though!
We are very up front about our wait times so you don’t feel misled in any way about when you might get the much-anticipated puppy pick email. You will receive our monthly newsletter, and we have developed a comprehensive website, uploaded videos to YouTube, and have an active Instagram & private Facebook group, to help you stay encouraged and engaged during the wait. We know this is the hardest part, so we’ve worked hard to give you as much information as possible to prepare for the arrival of you new family member.  

When it’s time to pick your puppy.
It’s the most exciting day, when your name comes up in our waiting list. You’ll get a txt from us, showing you photos of puppies you can chose from. We’ll send you complete details on mom and dad, and the puppy. What if I don’t pick the right puppy? What will my puppy look like when it grows up? How big will it be full grown?  Don’t worry, AwesomeDoodle will give you advice about what to expect from your puppy, as far as temperament, size, and colors.

We’ll tell you about the behaviors and personalities about the sire and dam (you can read more about them here), and let you know what you can expect from your puppy as it gets older. Once you pick your puppy, you’ll get to watch it 24/7 on our LIVE, quality puppycams, and you’ll get weekly videos and high quality pictures of your puppy as well. After just a couple weeks, you’ll feel bonded to your puppy. While each puppy will have it’s own unique personality that you will grow to love, the puppies will all have very similar temperaments.  Watch the video below to learn more about the puppy pick process.

Occasionally, we get a request from someone looking for a particular “personality.” They ask us if they can evaluate puppies and have the “pick of the litter” based on what they observe while they are here. Since our families pick their puppies when they are a week old, we can’t evaluate personality when they are that young. Even if you came here and visited when the puppies are 6 weeks old, it’s still impossible to pick based on the personality they are displaying at that time. We’ve seen the most “rambunctious” puppy at 6 weeks, turn into a calm angel at 8 weeks, and visa versa. For example, let’s say you come visit when “Puppy A” is sleepy, and “Puppy B” is having an energy blast. They could be demonstrating behaviors out of the ordinary, simply because of their energy level at the time.

Puppies don’t even start to come into their real personality until they are 10+ weeks old, and it doesn’t fully develop until they are about 4-6 months old. It is up to US, and YOU, to shape our puppy’s behavior into that perfect, well-rounded dog. As we talked about above, “temperament” is going to be well-balanced with any of our dogs. “Behaviors” you can shape, and personality… we love our dog no matter what their personality.  Any breeder who says you can accurately predict personality and behaviors at 6-7 weeks old, simply doesn’t understand, or is lying to you to make you feel good.

Picking a puppy: temperament vs. personality vs. behavior2019-08-20T12:41:11-05:00

What is the difference between AussieDoodle temperament, personality, and behavior? When do dogs start showing their personality? Below you will find definitions of each. You will also find information on how these three factors bleed into each other, as well as some tips on how you can shape the perfect dog.

“a person’s or animal’s nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior.”
The temperament of your dog is controlled by it’s genes. When I say, “poodles are very smart dogs,” or “Australian Shepherds love to swim,” these are descriptions of a dog’s temperament. Keep in mind, this is not the “rule” for dogs. For example, you may have an Aussie that will NOT get in the water, despite your attempts to acclimate it to your pool. In most cases, this is because you didn’t introduce the dog to water until it was over 6 months old. Another good example or “temperament” is that some dogs like to “hunt.” It is their instinct to follow a scent trail. On a side note, this is another reason I like AussieDoodles over Labradoodles. Aussies have a much lower “hunting” temperament, so they are usually more reliable off leash than Labradoodles.

“the way in which an animal or person acts in response to a particular situation or stimulus.”
We give our puppies an A+ start, but once you get your puppy, YOU will directly shape the behavior of your dog. It is your responsibility to shape the behavior and mold your puppy into the dog you want. The way you interact with your puppy in the first 2-3 months, will directly affect it’s behavior for it’s entire life. For example, if your dog is “protective” of you, that’s a behavior that you shaped. If your dog won’t get off the couch, that’s a behavior YOU caused. If your dog barks often, again, that is a behavior you encouraged (by accident). It is incredibly easy to accidentally shape an undesirable behavior. A behavior is able to be “shaped” when your dog is a puppy, and it becomes increasingly more difficult as it gets 4 months old and older. For example, if you don’t socialize your AussieDoodle as a puppy, and you don’t treat your dog as if you are the pack leader, then your dog may take on a protective behavior. If your puppy jumps on the gate and barks, and then you look at your puppy (whether you tell it to stop barking or not), then you just taught it to bark. You rewarded the barking, by giving it attention. If your puppy jumps up on your leg and you pick it up, or talk to it, then you just taught it to jump on you. If your puppy is biting your feet and your give it a toy and start playing with it, then you rewarded it for biting your feet. If you wrestle and excite your puppy, you’re teaching it that life is about being hyper, rather than calm.

“the combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character.”
The personality of your dog can be shaped a LITTLE bit. If you take two dogs from the same litter, raise them exactly the same way, each dog will have a VERY similar behavior and temperament, but they will still have their own, unique personalities. A good example of a “personality” would be to say, “Mini poochie loves to get her toy and walk around the house wiggling her butt and looking for someone to play fetch with her.” Or, “That Winnie, she always likes to ride in the back seat of the car.” Whatever our dog’s personality is, we grow to love it, just like if it was our child.

Oscar loves to go to the beach and get dirty in the sand. That’s part of his behavior, AND his personality.

When does a dog’s personality start to show?
This is a great question and often misunderstood. Let’s say, for example, you go to the home of a breeder and you have your pick of 8 different puppies. The breeder allows you to evaluate them all and pick the one you want. You’re there for 30 minutes, with a very hard decision. You’re looking for an outgoing, but not obnoxious puppy. Bentley, over in the corner, just got done playing, and he is worn out. He is super tired. You pick him up and he is like Jello. You pass on Bentley because you say, “He’s too calm for us; we want a dog that is more outgoing.” Little do you know, Bentley could be the perfect dog for you; he’s just super tired right now. And vice versa, ALL puppies at 7-8 weeks old have “puppy crazy time” a few times a day, where they run around like idiots, growling and biting pant legs. If you happen to be evaluating puppies and one is having “puppy crazy time,” you’ll never pick that puppy. My point is, one can’t spend just 30 minutes with a puppy and evaluate it’s personality, especially at 8 weeks old when personalities aren’t even formed yet.

That being said, personalities can vary. You can have two human kids, raise them the same way, and they have different personalities. However, temperaments are very balanced, and puppies always take after mom and dad. Meeting mom when she has puppies, ABSOLUTELY does not give an indicator of the personality of mom. Even when pups are 8 weeks old, moms are still very protective of their puppies. And like any dog, they need time to warm up to you, before demonstrating any kind of natural behavior. And that’s why we make videos for all our mom and dad dogs. Click here to see our mom and dad dogs. You won’t find another breeder with a more comprehensive description (not to mention a video) of their mom and dad dogs.

Candidly, we’ve had a couple families sign up and then exchange dozens of emails with us about this subject, wanting to pick the puppy with the perfect personality. They ask about the personalities of different moms, and watch all the videos and read the descriptions of all our moms and dads. But In the end, they pick the puppy based on the size, gender, and color they want. If a family tells us they want a tri-color female, but we told them the “black puppy” matched their “family style”, they would not pick it anyway. If you’re picking a puppy from a litter of golden doodles that all look the same, then personalities are a deciding factor. For example, with any given litter, we have an average of ONE blue merle female. So, therefore, if you want the blue merle female, there would be only one choice. We’ve sent home about 400 puppies since AwesomeDoodle started, and no family has returned their puppy because they didn’t like the personality. It’s sort of of like a human child. Whatever their personality, we love them just the same. If we don’t love the temperament and personality of mom or dad, they don’t get to make puppies.

If you don’t care about colors at all, and you want sit with a litter of puppies and attempt to pick the puppy with the personality that fits you, then an AussieDoodle may not be a good choice for you. However, if you want a puppy that has been through early neurological stimulation exercises, and you want to see where and how your puppy is being raised, with weekly photos and videos, and watch your puppy 24/7 on our puppy cams, then you might want to give AwesomeDoodle another look.

At AwesomeDoodle, puppies are picked at one week old. At 7 weeks old, personalities just barely start to come out, and at that time, we make every owner a personalized video and tell them what we’ve seen in their puppy. Please watch this video for more information on the puppy pick process, and temperament vs. personality vs. behavior.

Why are AussieDoodles better than other types of doodles? What are the pros and cons of AussieDoodles?2019-08-20T12:38:07-05:00

If you’re already researching Australian Shepherds, then you probably already know how loyal and smart they are. AussieDoodles are known as the “Einstein” of dog breeds. Why is that? Australian shepherds and poodles are some of the smartest dog breeds out there. Golden retrievers and Labradors are smart too, but what sets the AussieDoodle apart from LabraDoodles and GoldenDoodles, is the loyalty characteristic in the Aussie. Below are a few things to consider (these are simply my opinions), remember, 90% of your dog’s personality will come from the way you shape it’s behavior and socialize it.


AussieDoodle highlights:
Typically able to walk with you OFF LEASH in several different environments after one year of age
*Incredibly affectionate
*Wider variety of colors
*Easier to recall an AussieDoodle back to you, especially in a time of danger
*Incredibly easy to train, because of their attentiveness to their owner
*Best at Agility and Frisbee
*AussieDoodles are more interested in YOU, than the neighbor’s cat
*Due to their extreme smarts, AussieDoodles are usually more needy of your attention and need more exercise







“Lilly,” the DreamyDoodles GoldenDoodle

GoldenDoodle / LabraDoodle highlights:
*A little more “relaxed” than AussieDoodles
*More independent than AussieDoodles
*More likely to wander off to follow a rabbit’s trail, or similar
*A little more stubborn, so they can be harder to recall
*A bit more “happy go lucky” than AussieDoodles
*Stronger “hunting” instincts
*Retrievers are in the top 5 breeds to develop hip dysplasia

Thanks to Barbara from DreamyDoodles for this picture of her beautiful GoldenDoodle named Lilly.

Where are you located?2019-08-20T12:34:48-05:00

AwesomeDoodle is a group of families who raise mini AussieDoodle Puppies in several locations all across the US. Our partners live in Searcy, AR, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Akron, OH, Dallas, TX, Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN, and Ocala, FL. You are welcome to pick a puppy from any of the locations. We do NOT want you to feel like you must limit your choice of puppy based on location. We never know what mother nature might bring with each litter. As a result, limiting yourself to one location can significantly increase your wait time, especially if you’re specific about color/size/gender. What if you live in New York and your perfect puppy is born in Florida? You should get the puppy you want!

If your perfect pup is located too far for driving, don’t worry, you have options. While many of our puppies ride home on airplanes under the seat with their owner, other puppies fly to their new homes with our “puppy nanny”.  Finally, some puppies are shipped on non stop flights onlyClick here for more info on puppy nannys and shipping.  Sorry, we will not ship a puppy out of the USA.

Click here to read all about delivery of your AwesomeDoodle.

This map represents where our AwesomeDoodle puppies are born and raised before they go home to live with their perfect forever families.


Watch our video to see how it works:

Where can I find an Available AussieDoodle Puppy, now?2019-08-20T12:31:02-05:00

AwesomeDoodle rarely has AussieDoodle puppies “Available”. Our puppies are not born homeless; and they are selected at 1 -2 weeks old. If we do have one available, you will see it on our available puppy list. Sometimes when we set our mind to something, we want it right now! Who wants to wait months for a new puppy?  Who wants to give a deposit and get on a wait list, for a dog they have not even seen yet?  Be it AwesomeDoodle or another breeder, if you want a good dog, it is a MUST to place a deposit, and then wait until it is your turn to pick an Aussie Doodle Puppy when puppies are born. If you find a breeder with “available” puppies, those puppies are usually homeless for a REASON.

Most of our deposits are received 1-6 months in advance.  Sometimes longer if you are very picky about gender and color.  At AwesomeDoodle, EVERY DEPOSIT is refundable for any reason, up until the time you pick your puppy. We would never want to pressure someone into getting a dog, if they change their mind. It’s a big decision, and you should be 100% confident when your pick your puppy.

Many times if we have available pups, it’s because the people on our wait list are waiting for a very specific size, color, location, or even time of the year.  Because we are flexible, we sometimes have some beautiful pups make it to our “available” page.

Never give a “non-refundable” deposit to a breeder for an unborn puppy. Go here to see more about our pick list process and how you can get on our pick list.

Click here to read “How to choose a breeder.”

Reputable AussieDoodle Breeders… how do I know?2019-08-20T12:26:53-05:00

Signs of a Reputable AussieDoodle Breeder

Keep your eyes open when you’re visiting breeders. Here’s a check list of what to look for in a good breeder.

The dogs live inside. Puppies who are going to be family dogs should be raised inside with the family, not in a backyard, basement, garage, kennel, or “facility.”

The dogs and puppies are relaxed around people. If the parent dogs and puppies seem comfortable with humans, that’s a good sign that they’ve been properly cared for and socialized.

The place is clean. Don’t worry about the dirty dishes in the sink–just make sure the dogs’ living area is safe, sanitary, and that they’re supplied with fresh water, beds, and toys.

The breeder participates in dog shows or competitions. A good breeder is motivated by enthusiasm for the breed, not by making a little extra cash.

The breeder asks you to sign a spay/neuter contract. If you’re buying a dog who’s not going to be bred, the breeder should ask you to sign a contract promising to spay or neuter your pup, to avoid contributing to pet overpopulation.

The breeder doesn’t specialize in sizes or colors that are unusual for the breed. For one thing, extremely small or extremely large dogs are more likely to have health problems. For another, trying to breed for rare colors or extreme sizes is a sign that the breeder is more interested in making money out of a sales gimmick than in producing great puppies.

The breeder is up-front about the breed’s drawbacks, whether that means a tendency to develop certain health problems or a temperament that’s not for every owner. A good breeder wants you to love and care for your new dog for his entire lifetime, and she knows that’s more likely if you’re well prepared.

The breeder wants to meet the whole family and welcomes you to come pick up your puppy. If the breeder insists on meeting you somewhere to pick up your puppy, that’s a bad sign!

The breeder asks you lots of questions. This shows she wants to know exactly what kind of home her puppies are going to. She may ask who’s going to be home during the day, what your dog-owning history is, and why you’re interested in the breed. Don’t be defensive; she’s just doing her job, which is taking care of the pups she brings into the world.

The breeder will take the dog back, at any stage of the dog’s life, if you’re unable to care for her. A good breeder will insist on this. Again, she wants to make sure the puppies she brought into the world will always be taken care of.

The breeder won’t let you take the puppy home before she’s at least 7 weeks old. Playing with her litter mates teaches your puppy a lot about getting along with other dogs. A puppy who’s taken away from her litter mates too early is at a major disadvantage in her canine social skills.

Bottom line: Before buying a puppy, take the time to research and find a responsible breeder. Puppies from good breeders are more likely to grow up to be healthy, temperamentally sound dogs.

Do you ship AussieDoodle Puppies? What are my options for getting my new puppy?2019-08-20T12:03:22-05:00
Q. What are my options for getting my new puppy?
1. We will meet you within one hour drive from our home for no charge.
2. You can fly to the closest airport, and we will deliver the puppy to you at the airport at no charge.
3. Use our puppy nanny service to deliver your puppy to your closest major airport. Fees vary, but usually around $450
Q.  Can you keep my puppy longer than 9 weeks old?

A.  Occasionally (not guaranteed), we can arrange for an “extended stay” if you can’t pick your puppy up by 9 weeks of age.  The charge is $25/day after 9 weeks, and must be approved BEFORE you commit to a puppy.  While these extra days can sometimes be arranged, we strongly encourage you to pick up your puppy by 9 weeks of age.  Being the “last man standing” can be difficult for puppies.  They get lonely without their litter mates.  8-12 weeks is also the most crucial time for socializing your puppy, so you won’t want to miss out on any opportunities during that time.

Q.  If I fly to pick up my puppy, will you meet me at the airport, or would I need to rent a car?

A.  We will meet you at the airport, and you can turn right around and get on a flight back home with your new baby.  You need at least 1.5 hours turnaround time to get your puppy, check in, and get back through security. If you really want to rent a car and come see us to pick up your puppy, we love to show off our puppies (depending on the age of any other litters we might have at the time).

Q.  Can I specify which day I want the puppy nanny to deliver?

A.  No.  Our main nanny flies standby.  She usually delivers between 8 and 9 weeks of age, but you will need to be available at all times to meet her at the airport.

Q.  I know the nanny charges $450, but what other fees would I need to pay?

A.  The nanny fee is usually around $450, and that fee is all inclusive.   The exact fee depends on which nanny we use, and which airports they are flying in/out of.  There are usually no additional  fees. Our nanny is not always available, so please inquire about the service.

Q.  Can I purchase the nanny’s ticket so I can have a definite arrival date/time?

A.  Yes and No.  This is not possible for our standby nanny because she is always flying around the country and we never know where she will be originating from. However, in some cases, we can offer concierge delivery in which we will deliver your puppy to you.  We also have a flight transporter who flies ticketed, but her availability is limited.  Both of these options are obviously more expensive since you will be paying for round trip airfare, the airline’s pet fee, and our time, or transporter’s time.

Q.  Can my puppy fly before it is 8 weeks old?

A.  No.  If you choose to use the standby nanny’s service, you need to be able to accept your puppy on the day they turn 8 weeks.  Since the nanny can take several days to get a seat on a plane, we always shoot for the first day that she is available, starting with your puppy’s 8 week birthday. It’s not safe for a puppy to fly before 8 weeks of age

Q.  If I drive to get my puppy, can I pick up at your home? I’d like to meet the parents of my puppy.
A.  Of course!  Our puppy owners are always welcome at our homes.  However, our stud dogs mostly live in guardian homes and will likely not be there when you pick up.  Some of our mama dogs do as well, and their families are usually ready to get them back as soon as their puppies are weaned.
Q. Will you cargo ship my puppy?
A. We rarely cargo ship a puppy. It’s stressful to ship a puppy at 8 weeks old and to make matters worse, puppies have a “sensitive” fear period between 8-9 weeks old, which can have forever impact on your puppy. In the rare case where we do ship a puppy, we will only do it on a direct, non stop flight.
What colors and sizes of AussieDoodles do you offer?2019-08-20T12:00:05-05:00

We raise all Colors of AussieDoodle Puppies. Why get a golden doodle when you can get a colorful AussieDoodle?

Below are the colors we offer and typical wait times. For specific sizes or genders, the wait time could be a little longer. Click here to see if we have any available aussiedoodle puppies.

(Black Tuxedo, Black bi-color, Black Tri , Black Phantom: 0-1 month)

(Red or Chocolate Tuxedo, Red/Choco bi Color, Red/Choco Tricolor 0-2 months)

(Red Merle: 1-3 months)

(Blue Merle: 1-4 months)

**Some Rare Puppies may take 1-2 years**

We raise all sizes of AussieDoodle Puppies.

We have lots of different sizes, from Toy all the way to standard size. The majority of our puppies are in the “mini” size, so please note that Toy or Standard sizes may be a little longer wait time. While some breeders misquote the expected size of their puppies, we estimate the full grown size of your puppy, based on the weights of mom and dad. You’ll hear lots of different opinions on sizing, and while every dog is an individual, here is our general guideline for our dogs, based on our experience:

Standard (45+lbs)
Pros: Larger dogs tend to mature a little quicker, at around 1 year old. Larger dogs tend to be the most intelligent; the type of dog that can read your mind and learn hundreds of phrases. They also are usually the quickest to potty train.
Cons: Large dogs take up a lot of space in the house and in your car. They aren’t the best frizbee dogs because of the impact on their joints. Larger dogs wear out quicker and if you’re looking for a jogging partner, they may not be the best choice. While our AussieDoodles are not typically barkers, the bigger the dog, the louder the bark.

Toy (under 15lbs)
Pros: Small dogs are much more portable and don’t take up much space in your car. They are easy to carry around, eat less, poop less, and easier to maintain. They are great family dogs very loyal (and sometimes protective) to their owners. They love their toys and love to play fetch with a ball. They can travel under the seat in a carrier, on an airplane.
Cons: Smaller dogs usually take longer to mature and longer to potty train. They require much more socializing in the first 16 weeks of life, and if you don’t socialize them properly, you could end up with a fearful dog, who barks incessantly at strangers or other dogs. Since they are so small, they may not be a good jogging partner and won’t be a frizbee star at the park. Small dogs are more prone to having a slight (but harmless) under bite.

Mini  (15-45lbs)
Pros: Mini Size is the sweet spot size, and the reason we raise so many puppies in this range. They are go anywhere, do anything, all around perfect size dog. They can keep up with you on the trails, and can leap 4ft into the air to catch a flying disc. They are good swimmers  They have very few health problems, don’t take up much space, and in general, potty train quickly and are high intelligence. Properly socialized, they end up to be affectionate, athletic, and incredible family members.
Cons: None.

About the AussieDoodle Breed2019-08-20T11:57:12-05:00

AussieDoodles are typically known as the “Einstein” of dogs. This makes them incredibly easy to train, and they learn what you want very quickly. One might argue that poodles and border collies are smarter but I disagree. They tend to learn human phrases, such as, “go ahead”, “back up”, “get in your crate” within the first few months. With a little effort, these dogs can be trick dogs, agility dogs, therapy or comfort dogs. They don’t typically make great “service” dogs, since they are always so happy to see strangers. I always feel sorry when I see the golden retriever with the “DO NOT PET” sign on his back.

We can’t speak for ALL AussieDoodles, as they are not all equal, however we can speak to AwesomeDoodles. AwesomeDoodles are known to be “happy go lucky” dogs who can do anything. They are Jogging partners, surf-boarders, hikers, doggie disc stars, swimmers, fetchers, trick dogs… the list goes on and on. If you can dream it, these dogs can do it.

Are AwesomeDoodles for everyone? Absolutely not. They are not usually high energy dogs, but they can be high maintenance, due to their intelligence. Click here to read an article to see if an AwesomeDoodle is the right dog for you.

AwesomeDoodle does NOT breed any “working” or “herding” dogs. All of our Aussies come from breeders who breed dogs for pets, not herding. Do our AussieDoodles herd? This is a common misconception.  They will, if you teach them. If you let your puppy chase you or kids, they WILL chase you, just like any puppy would. They want to play with you. They want to wrestle with you, just like they did with their litter mates. Your feet are the closest thing to them and they will attack your feet, just like they do their litter mates. So be careful to NOT accidentally train your puppy to chase you. Dogs have an instinct to follow you, and puppies have an instinct to wrestle. Combine the two and it would appear your puppy is trying to “herd” you, but this is very rarely the case.

Behavior training: It is incredibly important to teach your AussieDoodle good manners, right from the start. For example, AwesomeDoodles are not known to be barkers, and we rarely get complaints about puppy barking. However, any dog, AwesomeDoodle or not, can be trained to bark often. It is extremely easy to accidentally train your dog to bark. Puppies, when they want something or they are frustrated, will attempt to bark, to see if it gets them what they want. If you look at your dog and say, “No barking”, then you just gave your dog attention for barking, and you just trained your dog to bark. Think like a dog! Another example would be, if your puppy is biting your feet and you reach down and tell it no, then again, you just gave your puppy attention for biting your feet. We will help you socialize, train, and shape your puppy’s behavior, after you get your new AussieDoodle.

Like any puppy, AussieDoodles will probably wake up and cry every night for the first week, to go outside and pee. But after a couple weeks, they learn to sleep through the night. From ages 10 weeks to 16 weeks, they typically sleep 6-7 hours a night. If you’re a couch potato and relax on the couch from 7-10 while your puppy snoozes beside you, don’t expect your puppy to go to bed and sleep all night!

Health issues: Our AussieDoodles’ DNA is tested for everything possible, to ensure your puppy will never be affected by diseases that can cause health issues such as blindness. You can read about our health testing policies here. Since we do not “line breed or in breed” (AussieDoodle X AussieDoodle) we avoid any health issues related to this type of breeding. Poodles and Aussies have few inherent diseases and known health issues. And by mixing the two, we end up with a dog who will life a very happy healthy life. Of course, things can happen to dogs, just like humans, but in general, AussieDoodles live a very long happy life.

How smart are AussieDoodles? Watch Dickens at just 3 months old, already learned how to open the gate.

Considering other doodles? Watch this video first.

Is an AussieDoodle right for me?2019-08-20T11:52:43-05:00

Our AussieDoodles are smart, happy go lucky dogs.  They love EVERYONE!  They are very low shedding, low allergenic dogs.  That said, the are NOT fit for every family.  We rarely send puppies home to homes where adults work out of the house, or families in apartments.  AussieDoodles, especially ours, are incredibly smart dogs.  They are NOT HAPPY, sitting around for 8 hours, waiting for their humans to come home.  They are too smart to sit there with nothing to do.  Just like a child, AussieDoodles can develop behavior problems, if they are not engaged in human interaction, and not exercised several times a day.  You should be realistic with yourself, and ensure you can make this commitment to such a smart dog.  If you’re more the “couch potato” type, you should choose a different breed, or a cat 🙂

Here are a few reasons you should get an AussieDoodle:

1.   AussieDoodles shed less, sometimes not at all.

2.  AussieDoodles are better for people with mild allergies.

3.  AussieDoodles are incredibly smart and easy to train. By 4 months old, they will already know several phrases, like “let’s get in the car,” and “time for bed,” and “let’s go for a walk.”

4.  AussieDoodles are fun, affectionate, happy-go-lucky dogs.  They love everyone.  They are not protective or aggressive.  They usually love other animals, dogs, cats, especially if introduced early.

5.  They are loyal to their owners and after some time and training, can walk off leash reliably.

And a few reasons why you might want to reconsider:

1.  With extreme smarts, can come bad things too.  Like kids, they learn to out-wit you to get what they want.  They learn how to get into the trash can and unlatch the gate.  If you do something once, they will expect it again.  Smart dogs get bored easily.  They are not content to sit there and stare at the wall.  They want to be doing something, and if you’re not entertaining them, they may find something to do on their own (something you don’t want them to do).

2.  While they are not extreme high energy, exercise is a must, especially as a puppy.  Frisbee sessions, training exercises, are essential to give them an outlet.

3.  They need to be groomed.  Dogs that don’t shed, their hair continues to grow, and will grow long, just like a poodle.  You will need to learn how to groom your AussieDoodle, or take it to be groomed.

Before getting an AussieDoodle, or any dog, consider these things.

1.  If you live in an apartment…
Potty training a dog in an apartment is torture.  While we don’t turn away puppy owners who live in apartments, we warn them to let me know what to expect. owners lived in an 2nd floor apt.  Every time you THINK your dog might have to pee, you are out there with it on a leash.

Dogs bark.  AussieDoodles are not known to be excessive barkers, but if yours decides to bark, you will have a problem with your neighbors.  Apartments are small, with not much room for puppies to romp around and play.
2.  Do you have a fenced in yard?
Some of our dog owners do not have a fence.  They manage, but with no fenced in yard, potty training is a nightmare.  Be prepared to get dressed and put your shoes on every time your dog needs to go outside.  And when they are little, that’s twice an hour.
With no fence, can you give your dog enough exercise and let it sniff freely several times a day?  How can your dog really RUN if you don’t have a fenced in yard.  Puppies have energy that needs to be burnt off.  If not, puppies can become destructive. Even if you have dog park nearby, are you really going to take your dog there every day?

3.  Your work schedule…

Not many breeds will do well alone for 8 hours, especially an AussieDoodle.  Again, they are too smart and need some interaction.  On top of that, sometimes you have a rough day at work and just want to come home and chill.  SURPRISE!  You have a dog who has been waiting for you ALL DAY, and they are ready to bust.

How long are you gone all day?  We usually tell people to NOT get a dog if they are away 9 hours a day.  Your dog just slept 7 hours all night, then it plays for a hour while you rush around to get ready for work, and then we expect it to sleep again for another 9 hours?  NOPE.
From 8 weeks old to 6 months old, puppy will need to be let outside, and get some exercise at LEAST every 3 hours.  Coming home once on your lunch hour will not be sufficient.  You will need to hire a dog walker / dog sitter to come give your dog some interaction.  A dog will go STIR crazy in a crate for 9 hours.  It will develop behavior problems if left alone.

If you want a dog, and have these things working against you, we’re not saying it’s impossible.  We’re just asking you to consider what kind of life you can give your dog.  Can you afford to hire dog walkers when you are going to be gone for more than 3-4 hours at a time?  In the first month, forget about a full night’s sleep!  Puppies are, to say the least, challenging.  It is ALMOST like having a real baby.

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When you’re searching for the best AussieDoodle puppy breeders, you may be overwhelmed by tons of website hype, and who has time to read all that? While we encourage you to read up on AwesomeDoodle to see how we raise our puppies, you don’t have to take our word for it. See  actual comments from our AussieDoodle Puppy Owners.

You sell a ton of puppies. Are you a puppy mill?2019-08-20T08:20:53-05:00

We’re not a puppy farm. EVERY one of our mamas and daddies is a family pet and lives in their forever home. AwesomeDoodle puppies are raised in our homes by loving families just like yours, exposed to the sounds of the TV, vacuum, blender, washing machine, etc. We start socializing your puppy, we start the crate training process, and we start the potty training routine. Every puppy goes home knowing how to sit and wait for treats. Click here to see how we raise our puppies.

What determines if a breeder is “responsible” or “reputable?”
The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club
states that responsible breeders should raise their animals with the intent to produce healthy dogs, and to ensure that all animals are provided responsible homes and socialization.  
Would you consider a dog who lives in a “kennel” as a socialized dog?  Would you consider a barn or kennel, the same thing as a home?  While the “dog house” may be humane, clean, and satisfactory, we don’t consider it a HOME.

What is a puppy Mill?
Puppy mills are breeders who have dozens of mommy dogs living in less than ideal conditions and their sole purpose in life is to have puppies. The moms and puppies are neglected. The puppies are bathed at 8 weeks old and then usually brokered to a pet shop or a website that specializes in selling puppies for breeders.

What is a puppy farm?
When people hear the word “Puppy Farm” they instantly think, “inhumane conditions, poor puppy health” etc.  However, this isn’t usually the case.  Most breeders keep clean and healthy conditions for their dogs.  But in the end, these breeders are still considered a “puppy farm”.  They are breeding dogs, with the intention of selling puppies, and after these dogs are too old to have puppies, these un-socialized, sometimes isolated dogs are given away, or sold to families. That’s a “farm,” no matter how you look at it. Obviously, there are several variations of a puppy farm.  While some breeders have 20 breeding females, some may only have 5-6.  Either way, these dog’s only job is to produce puppies. It is not a fair life for a dog.

AussieDoodlePuppyQuinHow can you avoid adopting a dog from a puppy farm?
Here is a way to find out if your breeder is a farmer.  Ask the breeder to send you a video of where their dogs are “kept.”  Or, ask them to send you a video of people interacting with the sire and dam.  Most likely, they will tell you they can’t produce one because they “don’t have a good camera” or “don’t know how to use youtube.”  In that case, ask the breeder if you can come for a visit.  They will probably say, “we don’t allow visits, as this could introduce a virus on our property.” The reality is, they don’t want you to see their facility. It is extremely difficult to keep a “kennel” with multiple dogs, clean and smelling fresh. They simply don’t want to deal with the hassle. If you have researched the breeder and you still feel the need to ask a breeder if you can visit, then you probably already know your answer. Puppy Farm.

But this breeder wants me to fill out an application, they must really care about their puppies, right?
In some cases, yes.  But in many cases, it is a “cover up” or a “tactic” to make you THINK you are LUCKY to get one of their dogs.  Have you ever filled out a credit application to buy a car?  All of a sudden, you start worrying you might not get approved.  When you are approved, you feel a sigh of relief, and somehow, that price, doesn’t seem so bad anymore. In some cases, I’ve even seen breeders REQUIRE you to feed a certain brand of food or vitamins that THEY sell. And if you don’t buy from them, they will not guarantee their health of the dog. As if the dog won’t be healthy if it doesn’t eat the food the breeder sells?  AwesomeDoodle has a process to make sure our puppies are going to only the most loving and able homes, as well. We consider the puppy to be the lucky one to be going to a fine, forever home.