The Story of AwesomeDoodle

The Story of AwesomeDoodle

Tom, and the original crew, Mini Poochie, Winnie, and Robin.

Here is the story of how AwesomeDoodle started. Several years ago, I got my first Aussie, Winnie. She was the first dog I owned in my adult life. Thanks to my sister Erin for convincing me to have a litter of AussieDoodles.

I studied for a year before I had my first litter. When my litter came, I took the best photos I could, made a website, and produced YouTube videos to tell people about my mini Aussie Doodle puppies. I didn’t have a plan; I was simply doing the things that I would like to see, if I were the one getting a new puppy.

After a couple litters, I knew I loved it. I was doing something different. I was delighting families, one puppy at a time. Soon, I had more deposits for unborn puppies than I could handle. I got another dog named Mini Poochie, and another dog named Robin.

But how could I make enough puppies to keep AwesomeDoodle going? I’m a systems engineer, not a dog breeder. Do I quit my day job and build a kennel or a barn? Absolutely not. Families love my puppies, because I raise them in my home. I treat my puppies as if they were my own, stimulating them and socializing them to all the sights, sounds, and human touch, of a regular family household.

I called one of my mentors, Natalie (who raised Aussies) and asked her if she would like to raise a litter of AussieDoodles with me. At first she laughed, but a few months later she called me back. Over the next few years, several more families have asked to raise puppies with me. None of us are “dog breeders”; we are doctors, engineers, executives, and professionals. In fact, we’re regular people, just like you.

larissawalksdogsIf you’re not dog breeders, then how do you know how to breed dogs properly? Let’s face it; you don’t need to be a systems engineer to breed dogs. Yes, you need to know the rules, you need to know how to health test dogs, etc, but that part is easy. The hard part, and the most imporant, is the hands on love, day after day,  socializing and nurturing puppies.

In addition to the daily hands on touch with our puppies, we believe our mommy and daddy dogs are part of our family and deserve to have FUN, every day; not just a dog to make puppies. Our mommy and daddy dogs sleep on our bedroom floors every night. They are our pets, not just a dog to make puppies.

AwesomeDoodle now has partners across the USA, and we raise Aussie Doodle Puppies in Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, Dallas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, and Louisville, KY. Our partners are our friends, and we all adhere to the strict “AwesomeDoodle way”, raising our puppies. We’ve introduced some new methods, but overall, puppies are still raised to the standards I set with my first litter. I want every family to get an affectionate, intelligent, happy, healthy dog for many years to come. If you check out our videos on YouTube, you will get to know us all. You’ll see us, our houses, our back yards, our puppy rooms, everything! Or go here to see the full crew.

You can see all of us on the map here:


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AwesomeDoodle Partners

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Tom: 38.254200, -85.759400
Erin: 38.345000, -85.615600
Shannon: 41.474800, -84.552500
Susan: 38.288400, -85.625800
Michelle and Marc: 33.089900, -82.015700
Cheryl and Jason: 36.155700, -95.992900
Sally: 41.083100, -81.518500
Mike and Candice: 40.408900, -82.955500
Jordan and Angela: 39.962300, -83.000700
Wendy and Cozy: 39.739200, -104.985000
LaDonna & Family: 35.250600, -91.736200
Morgan and Diane: 38.283100, -85.611700
Natalie and Kris: 33.759300, -96.669400
Allyson: 29.187200, -82.140100
Rebecca: 44.811300, -91.498500
Jennifer: 33.749100, -84.390200





And here are some of our original youtube videos:


Sometimes, puppies even learn how to FETCH before going home.  Here is a video of “Tilly,” on her SECOND day at her new home, already knowing how to fetch for her new owners: