AwesomeDoodle families, learning how to raise the best puppies.

Several years ago we had our first litter of AussieDoodle Puppies. We were doing something different, something special, and other potential puppy owners were noticing. We were given the privilege of delighting families, one Awesome puppy at a time. Soon, we had deposits for unborn puppies.

Being a “puppy farm” was not in the vision for raising puppies. Families loved our puppies because they knew they were raised by hand in our own homes. They knew we treated their future furry friends as if they were our own, raising them in an enriching environment, and socializing them to all the sights, sounds, and human touch of a normal household.

How could we raise more puppies without being a puppy farm? We reached out to friends and family, to raise puppies with us. Today, we have 10+ families raising AwesomeDoodles. None of us are typical “dog breeders”; we are doctors, engineers, executives, and professionals; we’re regular people, just like you. We call ourselves “AwesomeDoodle”. While our group of families is all independent, we all raise our puppies the same way, under the same strict guidelines. But not every person qualifies to raise AwesomeDoodles. It’s hard work. It takes time, money, preparation, and diligence to raise AwesomeDoodles.

In the past couple years, a few other dog breeders have tried to copy AwesomeDoodle. When we see them use our methods and blatantly copy our website, we take it as a compliment, but they simply can’t match our hands on methods, stimulating environments, lifetime support policy, photo and video updates… the list goes on.

We’re doing things that your typical “dog breeder” wouldn’t fathom, and frankly, they just can’t understand. While they raise dogs in clean environments, their dogs and puppies are treated no different than farm animals. Since they aren’t around humans all day, they don’t display the affection and intelligence ours do, from being raised in our home, in enriching environments, including early neurological stimulation, starting at 3 days old. The temperament of dogs doesn’t just come from mom and dad, it also comes from the way puppies are raised, and believe it or not, mom’s nutrition and mental state before puppies are even born, affects the temperament of your puppy.

We’ve sent several hundred AussieDoodle puppies home all over the USA to families of all types, including a few famous people! But our puppies aren’t for everyone. There are no “impulse” puppy buys at AwesomeDoodle. If you’re ok with a farmed puppy, or you don’t want to wait for your puppy, you can find a puppy anywhere. But our AussieDoodle puppy owners come to us because they are looking for a family member, who is comfortable, confident, and well mannered. They want to see their Aussie Doodle puppy connected with humans from birth. They want to know where and how it’s being raised. They want to see it take it’s first steps and open it’s eyes for the first time. Only AwesomeDoodle gives owners 24/7 access to watch their puppy on the live puppycams (from 1-5 weeks old), weekly professional photos and video updates, and our Lifetime Support Policy. Click here to see more reasons why families trust AwesomeDoodle.

Our group extends across the USA, raising AussieDoodle puppies in Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas, Arkansas, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Louisville, KY. We are all friends & family, and we all adhere to the same “AwesomeDoodle way”. We’ve introduced some new methods over the years, but overall, puppies are still raised to the standards we set with the first litter. We want every family to get an affectionate, intelligent, happy, and healthy dog. If you check out our videos on YouTube, you will get to know us all. You’ll see us, our houses, our back yards, our puppy rooms, everything! Or go here to see the full crew.

You can see all of us on the map here: