Who is AwesomeDoodle?

Who is AwesomeDoodle?

When we say, “from our home to yours,” we mean it.

AwesomeDoodle is NOT a puppy farm. All of our dogs are family pets and they live, eat, and sleep in our homes (not in a kennel or breeding facility). Our puppies are raised IN OUR HOMES, invading our kitchens and living space. When our dogs are done having puppies, they STAY with us as part of our family. No mommy or daddy dogs are EVER sent away. At AwesomeDoodle, we believe our dogs are part of our family and deserve to have FUN, every day; not just a dog to make puppies.

So how do we do it? AwesomeDoodle has partners across the USA, including Atlanta, Denver, Columbus, Dallas, Arkansas, and Louisville, KY. Our partners are our friends, and we all adhere to the strict “AwesomeDoodle way,” raising our puppies to the highest of standards, so you’ll have an affectionate, happy, healthy dog for many years. By only having one litter at a time, this allows us to give each and every puppy proper training and socialization, before they go home. If you check out our videos on YouTube, you will get to know us all. You’ll see us, our houses, our back yards, our puppy rooms, everything! Here we are on the map:



Now, let’s talk about our families:

PoochieTomRobinWooWoolarissawalksdogsLarissa and Tom at home base, Louisville, Kentucky. We LOVE raising AussieDoodles and the best part is bringing joy to so many families.


Jen, Tom, & Larissa, celebrating Sammie X Ares puppies.Jen in Atlanta, Georgia.
Jen is a great puppy trainer and loves the challenge of training dogs and raising puppies. Jen is so passionate about what she does, making sure each puppy gets the special care and love it needs. You can read more about Jen and her dog, Sammie, here.


NatalieCowGirlNatalie and Kris in Dallas, Texas. Natalie has many years of experience raising puppies and has been a great resource and an incredible asset to AwesomeDoodle. Read more about Natalie and her amazing dogs here.








LaDonna in Searcy,  Arkansas. LaDonna has a beautiful Aussie named Angus, and a sweet, sweet poodle named London. The love LaDonna has for her puppies, shines in her videos. Read more about LaDonna here.







Jordan in Columbus, Ohio.
Jordan’s passion for his dogs is evident in everything he does. Not only are his dogs beautiful, and agile ball and frisbee stars, but they are affectionate and loyal as well. If you think that sounds good, just wait until you see his puppies. Read more about Jordan here.





Diane and Morgan in Louisville, KY.
What can we say about Diane and Morgan? They are ADDICTED to AussieDoodle Puppies. Read more about Diane and Morgan here.


Wendy and Cozy in Denver, CO.
They have a passion for poodles, so their girls are poodles. Read more about Cozy and Wendy here.













Every puppy comes home to you, already knowing how to wait patiently for treats, sit, and we also work on skills such as NOT jumping up, and not mouthing humans:


Some puppies even learn how to FETCH before going home.  Here is a video of “Tilly,” on her SECOND day at her new home, already knowing how to fetch for her new owners:

Our dogs are OFA tested for eyes, hips and elbows, and a full DNA disease panel (click here to read more) including genetic eye issues, to ensure your pup is healthy. Puppies begin training and socialization before you take them home.  See more training videos here.

Are you searching for a Puppy?  Even if you don’t get a puppy from AwesomeDoodle, we’re happy to help you.  Read this if you’re actively interviewing breeders now.  Watch the video below to see what AwesomeDoodle is all about!